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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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bowe and fhaftes, whiche wepon beynge flraunge and
not fene here before, was wonderfull terrible vnto
them, and this beginninge I can thynke verie well to
be true. But now as concerning many examples for
the prayfe of Englifh archers in warre, furely I wil not
be long in a matter yat no man doubteth in, and thofe
few yat I wil name, ftial either be proued by ye
hiftories of our enemies, or els done by men that
nowe liue.

Kynge Edward the thirde at the battel of Creffie
ageinft Philip ye Frenche king as Gaguinus the french
Hiftoriographer plainlye doeth tell, flewe that daye
all the nobilite of Fraunce onlye wyth hys archers.

Such lyke battel alfo fought ye noble black prince
Edwarde befide Poeters, where lohn ye french king
with hys fonne and in a maner al ye peres of Fraunce
were taken befide. xxx. thoufand. which that daye were
flayne, and verie few Englyflie men, by reafon of
theyr bowes.

Kynge Henrie the fifte a prince pereles and mofte
vyctorioufe conqueroure of all that euer dyed yet in
this parte of the world, at the battel of Agin court with,
vii. thoufand. fyghtynge men, and yet many of them
fycke, beynge fuche Archers as the Cronycle fayeth
that moofte parte of them drewe a yarde, flewe all
the Cheualrie of Fiaunce to the nomber of .XL. thou-
sand, and moo, and loft not pafte. xxvi. Englyflhe men.

The bloudye Ciuil warre of England betwixt the
houfe of Yorke and Lancafler, where fhaftes flewe of
both fydes to the deftruction of mannye a yoman of
Englande, whom foreine battell coulde neuer haue
fubdewed bothe I wyll paffe ouer for the pyttyefulneffe
of it, and yet may we hyghelye prayfe GOD in tfx*
remembraunce of it, feynge he of hys prouydence hath
fo knytte together thofe. ii. noble houfes, with lo
noble and pleafunte a flowre,

The excellent prince Thomas Hawarde nowe Duke
of Northfolk, for whofe good profperite with al his noble
familie al Engliih hertes dayly doth pray with bowmen