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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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with vntowardneffe of houldynge his bowe, and
nockynge his fliafte, not lookyng to his ftryng be-
tyme, put his bowe alwayes in ieoperdy of breakynge,
and than he were better to be at home, moreouer he
fhal ihoote very fewe fhaftes, and thofe full vnhand-
fumlye, forne not halfe drawen, fome to hygh and fome
to lowe, nor he can not driue a fhoote at a tyme, nor
floppe a fhoote at a neede, but oute mufte it, and
verye ofte to euel profe.

•jjjjji. And that is bell I trow in war, to let it go, and
not to floppe it.

3C0I. No not fo, but fomtyme to houlde a fhafte at
the heade, whyche if they be but few archers, doth
more good with the feare of it, than it mould e do if it
were mot, with the ftroke of it.

•pjjf. That is a wonder to me, yat the feare of a difplea-
fure, fhoulde do more harme than the difpleafure it felfe.

Stox. Yes, ye knowe that a man which e fereth to be
banylhed, out of hys cuntrye, can neyther be mery,
eate, drynke nor fleape for feare, yet when he is ban-
ifhed in dede, he flepeth and eateth, as well as any
other. And many menne doubtyng and fearyng
whether they moulde dye or no, euen for verye feare
of deathe, preuenteth them ielfe with a more bytter
deathe then the other death moulde haue bene in
deade. And thus feare is euer worfe than the thynge
feared, as is partelye proued, by the communication
of Cyrus and Tigranes, the kynges funne
of Armenie, in Xenophon.                               1"'pe '3*

Pfji. I graunte Toxophile, that vfe of Ihotyng
maketh a man drawe flrong, to moote at moll aduaun-
tage, to kepe his gere, whiche is no fmall thinge in war,
but yet me thinke, that the cuflomable ihoting at
home, fpeciallye at buttes and prickes, make nothynge
at all for ftronge mooting which doth mofte good in
war. Therfore I fuppofe yf men fhulde vfe to goo
into the fyeldes, and learne to mote myghty flronge
fhootes, and neuer care for any marke at al, they
fhulde dp much? better.