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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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do lytle good, at all. For he yat woulde be an oratour
and is nothmge naturallye fitte for it, that is to faye
lacketh a good wytte and memorie, lacketh a good
voyce, countenaunce and body, and other fache like,
ye[t] yf he had all thefe thinges, and knewe not what,
howe, where, when nor to whome he mulde fpeake,
furelye the vfe of fpekynge, woulde brynge out
none other frute but playne follye and bablyng,
fo yat Vfe is the lade and the leaft necceffarye, of all
thre, yet no thing can be done excellently without
them al thre. And therfore Toxophile I my felfe
bicaufe I neuer knewe, whether I was apte for mooting
or no, nor neuer knewe waye, howe I mulde learne to
fhoote I haue not vfed to Ihoote : and fo I thinke flue
hundred more in Englande do befyde me. And
furelye yf I knewe that I were apte, and yat you woulde
teach me howe to moote, I woulde become an archer,
and the rather, bycaufe of the good communication,
the whiche I haue had with you this daye, of

2C0X. Aptneffe, Knowlege, and Vfe, euen as you
faye, make all thinges perfecte. Aptneffe is the fyrft
and chyefeft thinge, without whiche the other two do
no good at all. Knowledge doeth encreafe al maner
of Aptneffe, bothe leffe and more. Vfe fayth Cicero,
is farre aboue all teachinge. And thus they all three
mufte be had, to do any thinge very well, and yf anye
one be awaye, what fo euer is done, is done verye
meanly. Aptneffe is ye gyfte of nature, Knowlege,
is gotten by ye helpe of other: Vfe lyeth in our owne
diligence and labour. So that Aptneffe and vfe be
ours and within vs, through nature and labour: Know-
ledge not ours, but commynge by other: and ther-
fore mooft dilligently, of all men to be fought for.
Howe thefe three thinges ilande with the artillery of
Englande, a woorde or twoo I will faye.

All Englifhe men generally, be apte for fhotyng,
and howe? Lyke as that grounde is plentiful! and
frutefull, whiche withoute any tyllynge, bryngeth out