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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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made an' Arte3 a thyng In no wyfe to be compared to

For of fence all moofte in euerye towne, there
is not - onely Mailers to teache it, wyth his Pro-
uoftes Vfhers Scholers and other names of arte and
Schole/'but there" hath not fayld alfo, whyche hathe
diligently and well fauouredly written it and is fet out
in Printe that euery man maye rede it.

What difcommoditie doeth comme by the lacke of
knowlege, in fhootynge, it were ouer longe to rehearce,
For manye that haue bene apte, and loued Ihootynge,
bycaufe they knewe not whyche way to houlde to
comme to fhootynge, haue cleane tourned them felues
from fhootynge. -

And I maye telle you Philologe, the lacke of teach-
ynge to fhoote in Englande, caufeth very manye
men, to playe with the kynges Acles, as a man dyd
ones eyther with the Mayre of London or Yorke
I can not tel whether, whiche dyd commaund by
proclamation, euerye man in the Citie, to hange a
Ian tern e wyth a candell, afore his dore : whiche
thynge the man dyd, but he dyd not lyght it: And fo
many bye bowes bicaufe of the adte, but yet they
fhote not: not of euyll wyll, but bycaufe they knowe
not howe to Ihoote. But to conclude of this matter,
in footing as in all other thynges, Apteneffe
is the fyrfte, and chyefe thynge, whiche if it          Ptaesse-

l"e awaye, neyther Cunnynge or Vfe, doeth anye good
at all, as the Scoftes and Fraunce men, wyth know-
ledge and Yfe of fhootynge, mall become good
Archers, whan a cunnynge Ihypwright mall make a
flrouge fhyppe, of a Salowe tree : or whan a hufband-
n an lhall becom ryche, wyth fowyng wheat on New-
market heath. Cunnynge mufte be had, Cunn
bothe to fet out, and amende Nature, and ^nynge.
i Ifo to ouerfee, and corredle vfe: which vfe yf it be
not led, and gouerned wyth cunnyng, lhall fooner go
amiiTe, than flrayght
. Vfe maketh1 perfitneffe, in doinge that thynge,