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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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whervnto nature maketh a man apte, and knowlege
maketh a man cunninge before. So yat it is not fo
doubtful, which of them three hath mooft flroke in
fhoting as it is playne and euident, that all thre muft
be had, in excellent fhootynge.

^fj{. For this communicacion Toxophile I am very
glad, and yat for myn owne fake bicaufe I truft now,
to become a fhoter, And in dede I thought a fore,
Englifh men mod apte for Ihoting, and I fawe them
dayelye vfe fhotyng, but yet I neuer founde none, that
woulde talke of anye knowlege whereby a man might
come to fhotynge. Therfore I truft that you, by the
vfe you haue had in fhoting, haue fo thorowly marked
and noted the nature of it, that you can teache me as
it were by a trade or waye how to come to it.

3E0& I graunte, I haue vfed Ihootinge meetly well,
that I myght haue marked it wel ynoughe, yf I had
bene diligent But my much fhootynge, hath caufed
me fludie litle, fo that thereby I lacke learnynge,
whych fhulde fet out the Arte or waye in any thynge.
And you knowe that I was neuer fo well fene, in the
Pofleriorums of Ariflotle as to inuent and fearche out
general Demonflrations for the fetting forth of any newe
Science. Yet by my trothe yf you wyll, I wyll goe with
you into the fealdes at any tyme and tel you as much a>
I can, or els you maye flande fome tyme at the prickes
and looke on them which fhoote beft and fo learne.

$fyi. Howe lytle you haue looked of Ariflotle, and
how muche learnynge, you haue loft by fhotynge I can
uot tell, but this I woulde faye and yf I loued you
neuer fo ill, that you haue bene occupyed in fumwhat
els befyde fhotynge. But to our purpofe, as I wyll
not requyre a trade in fhotinge to be taught me after
"the futteltye of Ariflotle, euen fo do I not agre w th
you in this poynt, that you wold haue me learne to
fhoote with lokyng on them which fhoote beft, for to
I knowe I mould neuer come to fhote meanelye. For
in fhotyng as in all other thynges which be gottei by,
teachvnge, there muft be mewed a waye and a path