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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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rhefely a wife man muft folowe and laye hand on poffi-
bilitie for feare he leafe bothe. Therfore feyng that
which is mooft perfect and befl in fhootyng as alwayes
to hit ye pricke, was neuer fene nor hard tel on yet
amonges men, but onelye ymagined and thought vpon
in a man his mynde, me thinck this is the wifeft coun-
fel and befl for vs to folow rather that which a man
maye come to, than yat whyche is vnpoflible to be
attained to, lefte iuftely that fayeng of ye wyfe mayde
Ifmene in Sophocles maye be verifyed on vs.

Afook he is that takes in hande he can not ende.    Soph, Ant.

!pfji Well yf the perfite ende of other matters, had
bene as perfitlye knowne, as the perfite ende of
fhotynge is, there had neuer bene fo manye fedtes of
Philofophers as there be, for in moting both man and
boye is in one opinion, that alwayes to hit the pryck is
moofle perfecle end that can be imagyned, fo that we
mall not nede gretly contend in this matter. But
now fir, whereas you thynke yat a man in learning to
ftioote or any thyng els, fhuld rather wyfelye folow
poffibilitie, than vainly ieke for perfite excellencie,
furelye I wyl proue yat euery wyfe man, yat wifely
wold learne any thyng, mal chiefly go aboute yat
wherevnto he knoweth wel he mal neuer come. And
you youre felfe I fuppofe mal confeffe ye fame to be
ye beft way in teachyng, yf you wyl anfwere me to
thofe thinges whych I wyl afke of you.

2T0I* And yat I wyl gladlye, both bycaufe I thynke
it is vnpoflible for you to proue it, and alfo bycaufe I
defire to here what you can faye in it.

•plji The ftudie of a good Phyficion Toxophile, I trow
be to know al difeafes and al medicines fit for them.

Stac. It is fo in dede.

!$lji Bicaufe I fuppofe he would gladly at al tymes
heale al difeafes of al men.

2T0x. Ye truely.

PfjL A good purpofe furely, but was ther euer
phyficion yet among fo many whyche had laboured