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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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in  thys fludy,  that at   al  times  coulde  heale   aU
difeafes ?

No trewly; nor I thyncke neuer fhalbe.
Than   Phyficions   by  tyke,  fludie   for   yat,
whiche none of them commeth vnto.    But in learn-
ing of fence I pray you what is yat which men inooft
labor for ?

2t0x» That they may hit a nother I trow and neuer
take blow theyr felfe.

PJji You fay trothe, and I am fure euery one of
them would faine do fo when fo euer he playethe. But
was there euer any of them fo conning yet, which at
one tyme or other hath not be[n] touched ?

3L0x. The beft of them all is glad fomtyme to
efcape with a blowe.

•IJifjiL Than in fence alfo, men are taught to L/J
aboute that thing, whiche the beft of them all know-
ethe he mail neuer attayne vnto. Moreouer you that
*be fhoters, I pray you, what meane you, whan ye
take fo greate heade, to kepe youre ftandynge, to
fhoote compaffe, to looke on your marke fo diligently,
to caft vp graffe diuerfe tymes and other thinge^
more, you know better than I. What would you do
than I pray you ?

2E0X. Hit ye marke yf we could.

•pfjtL And doth euery man go about to hit the
marke at euery fhoote ?

3T0X. By my trothe I trow fo, and as for my felfe
I am fure I do.

But al men do not hit it at al tymes.
No trewlye for that were a wonder.

ffjtL Can any man hit it at all tymes ?
0x. No man verilie.

^JjiL Than by likely to hit the pricke alwayes, is
vnpoffible.    For that is called vnpoffible whvch is in
no man his power to do.
SC0X, Vnpoffible in dede.

PJjiL But to Ihoote wyde and far of the marke is a
thynge poffyble.