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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Cijc dfyole at gaoling.                   ioj

folowed, n.ight bring forth accordyng as a man doth
labour, perfyte woorkyng. And who is he, that in
learnynge to wryte, woulde forfake an excellent ex-
ample, and folowe a worfe ?

Therfore feing perfyteneffe it felfe is an example for
vs, let euerye man ftudye howe he maye come nye it,
which is a poynt of wyfdome, not reafon with God
why he may not attaine vnto it, which is vayne

2C0X. Surely this is gaily faid Philologe, but yet this
one thinge I am afraide of, left this perfitneife which
you fpeke on will difcourage men to take any thynge
in hande, bycaufe afore they begin, they know, they
fhal neuer come to an ende. And thus difpayre fhall
difpatche, euen at the fyrfte entrynge in, many a good
man his purpofe and intente. And I thinke both you
your felfe, and al other men to, woulde counte it mere
folie for a man to tell hym whome he teacheth, that
he fhal neuer optaine that, whyche he would faineft
learne. And therfore this fame hyghe and perfite
waye of teachyng let vs leue it to hygher matters, and
as for fhootynge it fhalbe content with a meaner
waye well ynoughe.

jpfji. Where a:, you faye yat this hye perfitnefTe will
difcorage men, bycaufe they knowe, they mall neuer
attayne vnto it, I am fure cleane contrarie there is
nothynge in the world fhall incourage men more than
it And whye ? For where a man feith, that though
a nother man be neuer fo excellente, yet it is poffible
for hym felfe to be better, what payne or labour wyl
that man refufe to take ? yf the game be onfe wonne,
no man wyl fet forth hys foote to ronne. And thus
perfitnefO beynge fo hyghe a thynge that men maye
looke at it, not come to it, and beynge fo plentifull
ajid indifferent to euerye bodye that the plentifulneffe
of It may prouoke all men to labor, bycaufe it hath
ynoughe for all men, the indifferencye of it fhall en-
courage euerye one to take more paine than hys fel-
lowe, bycaufe euerye man is rewarded accordyng to his