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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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nye commyng, and yet whych is moile meruel of al,
ye more men take of it, the more they leue behynd for
other, as Socrates dyd in wyfdome, and Cicero in eio-
quens, whereby other hath not lacked, but hathe fared
a greate deele ye better. And thus perfitneffe it felfe
bycaufe it is neuer obteyned, euen therfore .only doth
it caufe fo many men to be fo well fene and perfite in
many matters, as they be. But where as you thynke
yat it were fondneffe to teache a man to ihoote, in
lokyng at the moil perfitnerTe in it, but rather woulde
' haue a manne go fome other way to worke, I truft no
wyfe man wyl difcomend that way, except he thincke
himfelfe wyfer than Tullye, whiche doeth playnlye faye,
that yf he teached any maner of crafte De Orat
as he dyd Rhetorike he would labor to e rat< 3'
bringe a man to the knowlege of the mooft perfit-
neffe of it, whyche knowlege mould euer more leade
and gyde a manne to do that thynge well whiche he
went aboute. Whych waye in al maner of learnyng
to be bell, Plato dothe alfo declare in Euthydemus,
of whome Tullie learned it as he dyd many other
thynges mo. And thus you fe^ Toxophile by what
reafons and by whofe authoritie I do require of you
this waye in teachynge me to ihoote, which waye I
praye you withoute any more delay e mew me as far
forth as you haue noted and marked.

2T0X. You cal me to a thyng Philologe which I am
lothe to do. And yet yf I do it not beinge but a
finale matter as you thynke, you wyll lacke frendefhypp
in me, yf I take it in hande and not bring it to paffe
as you woulde haue it, you myghte thynckc great want
of wyfdome in me.

But aduyfe you, feing ye wyll nedes haue it fo, the
blame lhalbe yours, as well as myne: yours for
puttynge vpon me fo inilauntlye, myne in receyuynge
fo fondly a greater burthen then I am able to beare.

Therfore I, more wyllynge to fulfyll your mynde, than
nopyng to accomplyih that which you loke for, fhall
fpeake of it, not as a mailer of ftiotynge, but as one not