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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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altogyther ignoraunt in Ihotynge.   And one thy&ge I
am  glad   of,   the   funne   drawinge   downe   fcr\faft
into  the weft,  mail  compell  me  to  drawe  a plfee
to the ende of our matter, fo that his darkneffe IhaTl
fomethyng cloke myne ignoraunce.   And bycaufe
you knowe the orderynge of a matter better
then I: Afke me generallye of it, and I
Ihnll particularly anfwere to it.    ^fjf.
Very gladly Toxophile: for fo
by ordre, thofe thynges
whiche I woulde
knowe, you lhal
tell the bet-
ter: and


whiche you mail tell, I

{hall remembre

the better.