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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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of j$Tj00rais.                        107

mentes for euery fere archer to brynge with him,
proper for his owne vfe: other thynges be general! to
euery man, as the place and tyme ferueth.

•Pfjl Which be inftrumentes ?

Bracer, fhotynggloue, ftryng, bowe and fhafte.
Whiche be general to all men ?

SC0X. The wether and the marke, yet the marke is
euer vnder the rule of the wether,

•|PIji. Wherin ftandeth well handlynge of thynges ?

2C0X* All togyther wythin a man him felfe, fome
handlynge is proper to inftrumentes, fome to the
wether, fomme to the marke, fome is within a man
hym felfe.

3J3fji. What handlyng is proper to the Inftrumentes ?

StdX, Standynge, nockyng, drawyng, holdyng, low-
fmg, wherby commeth fayre fhotynge, whiche neyther
belong to wynde nor wether, nor yet to the marke, for
in a rayne and at no marke, a man may mote a fayre

!||J)i, Well fayde, what handlynge belongeth to the
wether ?

5C0X, Knowyng of his wynde, with hym, agaynft
hym, fyde wynd, ful fyde wind, fyde wynde quartei
with him, fyde wynde quarter agaynfte hym, and fo

•JfJIji, Well than go to, what handlynge belongeth to
the marke ?

5T0X, To marke his ftandyng, to fhote compaffe, to
draw euermore lyke, to lowfe euermore lyke, to con-
fyder the nature of the pricke, in hylles and dales, in
ilrayte planes and winding places, and alfo to efpy his

pfjf. Very well done. And what is onely within a
man hym felfe ?

3H0X, Good heede gyuynge, and auoydynge all
affections: whiche thynges oftentymes do marre and
make all. And thefe thynges fpoken of me generally
and brefely, yf they be wel knowen, had, and handled,