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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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mail brynge a man to fuchc fhootyngc, as fevve or none
euer yet came vnto, but furely yf he miffe in any one
of them, he can neuei hyt the marke, and in the more
he doth miffe, the farther he fhoteth from his marke.
But as in all other matters the fyrft fteppe or flayre to
be good, is to know a mannes faulte, and than to
amende it, and he that wyl not knowe his faulte, mail
neuer amende it.

Jftyf. You fpeake now Toxophile, euen as I wold
haue you to fpeake : But lette vs returne agayne vnto
our matter, and thofe thynges whyche you haue packed
vp, in fo fhorte a roume, we wyll lowfe them forthe,
and take euery pyece as it were in our hande and looke
more narowlye vpon it.

2Dxc. I am content, but we wyll rydde them as faft
as we can, bycaufe the funne goeth fo fafle downe, and
yet fomewhat mufte needes be fayde of euerye one of

^fyt. Well fayde, and I trowe we beganne wyth
thofe thynges whiche be inflrumentes, whereof the
fyrfle, as I fuppofe, was the Brafer.

2C0x. Litle is to be fayd of the brafer. A bracer
ferueth for two caufes, one to faue his arme from the
ilrype of the ftrynge, and his doublet from weaiynge,
and the other is, that the ftrynge glydynge fharpelye
and quicklye of the bracer, may make the fharper
fhoote. For if the flrynge fhoulde lyght vpon the bare
fleue, the flrengthe of the fhoote fhoulde ftoppe and dye
there. But it is beft by my iudgemente, to gyue the
bowe fomuche bent, that the ftrynge neede neuer touche
a mannes arme, and fo fhoulde a man nede no bracer
as I knowe manye good Archers, whiche occupye none.
In a bracer a man mufte take hede of. iii. thinges, yat it
haue no nayles in it, that it haue no bucles, that it be
faft on with laces wythout agglettes. For the nayles
wyll fhere in funder, a mannes firing, before he be ware,
and fo put his bowe in ieoperdy: Buckles and agglettes
at vnwares, fliall race hys bowe, a thinge bothe euyll to
the fyghte, and perilous for freatynge. And thus a