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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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0f £T)0rftlilS»                           109

Bracer, is onely had for this purpofe, that the ftrynge
maye haue redye paffage.

:0i)f. In my Bracer I am cunnyng ynough, but what
faye you of the Ihootyng gloue.

9T0o:« A fhootynge Gloue is chieflye, for to faue a
mannes fyngers from hurtynge, that he maye be able
to beare the lharpe flryng to the vttermofl of his
flrengthe. And whan a man mooteth; the might of
his fhoote lyethe on the formoofte fynger, and on the
Ringman, for the myddle fynger whiche is the longeft,
lyke a lubber flarteth backe, and beareth no weyghte
of the flrynge in a maner at all, therfore the two other
fyngers, mufte haue thicker lether, and that mufte haue
thickefl of all, where on a man lowfeth mofte, and for
fure lowfyng, the formofte finger is mofte apte, bycaufe
it holdeth beft, and for yat purpofe nature hath as a
man woulde faye, yocked it with the thoumbe. Ledder,
if it be nexte a mans Ikynne, wyl fweat, waxe hard and
chafe, therefore fcarlet for the foftnes of it and thick-
neffe wyth all, is good to fewe wythin a mannes gloue.
If that wylle not ferue, but yet youre finger hurteth,
you mufte take a fearynge cloth made of fine virgin
waxe, and Deres fewet, and put nexte your fynger, and
fo on wyth youre gloue. If yet you fele your fynger
pinched, leaue ihootyng both becaufe than you fhall
fhoote nought, and agayn by litle and lytle, hurtynge
your finger, ye mall make it longe and longe to or you
fhoote agayne. A newe gloue pluckes many fhootes
bycaufe the ftringe goeth not freelye of, and therefore
the fingers mufte be cut fhorte, and trimmed with fome
ointment, that the ftring maye glyd wel awaye. Some
wyth holdynge in the nocke of theyr fhafte too harde,
rub the fkyn of there fingers. For this there be. ii.
remedyes, one to haue a goofe quyll fplettyd and
fewed againfte the nockynge, betwixt the lining and
the ledder, whyche fhall helpe the fhoote muche to,
the other waye is to haue fome roule of ledder fewed
betwixt his fingers at the letting on of the fingers,
which fhall kepe his fingers fo in funder2 that they