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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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fhal not hold the nock fo fail as they did. The
fliootyng gloue hath a purfe whych fliall ferue to put
fine linen cloth and wax in, twoo neceffary thynges for
a fhooter, fome men vfe gloues or other fuche lyke thyng
on their bow hand for chafyng, becaufe they houlde fo
harde. But that commeth commonlye, when a bowe
is not rounde, but fomewhat fquare, fine waxe fliall do
verye well in fuch a cafe to laye where a man holdeth
his bow : and thus muche as concernynge your gloue.
And thefe thynges althoughe they be trifles, yet bycaufe
you be but a yonge ihoter, I woulde not leue them out.

$ {ft* And fo you fhal do me moofl pleafure : The
firing I trow be the next.

Stax, The nexte in dede.    A thing though it be
lytle, yet not a litle to be regarded.    But
here in you mufte be contente to put youre             nge'

trufle in honefl ftringers. And furely flringers ought
more diligently to be looked vpon by the officers than
ether bower or fletcher, bycaufe they may deceyue a
a fimple man the more eafelyer. And ill flringe
brekethe many a good bowe, nor no other thynge halfe
fo many. In warre if a firing breke the man is lofte
and is no man, for his weapon is gone, and althoughe
he haue two flringes put one at once, yet he fliall haue
fmall leafure and leffe roume to bend his bow, therfore
god fend vs good flringers both for war' and peace.
Now what a flringe ought to be made on, whether of
good hempe as they do now a dayes, or of flaxe or of
filke, I leaue that to the iugemente of flringers, of
whome we mufle bye them on. Euftathius

,                      f                                                          Eustathms

apon this verfe of horn ere.

Twang quoth the bow, and twang quoth
out quicklie the Jhaft flue.                                              Iliad. 

doeth tel, that in oulde tyme they made theyr bowe
fliynges of bullox thermes, whiche they twyned to-
gither as they do ropes, and therfore they made a
great twange. Bowe flrynges alfo hath bene made of
the heare of an horfe tayle called for the matter of