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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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them Hippias as dothe appeare in manye good
authors of the Greke tongue. Great            .

ttringes, and lytle ftrynges be for diuerfe Fauonnus-
purpofes: the great firing is more furer for the bowe,
more liable to pricke wythal, but flower for the call,
the lytle ftringe is cleane contrarye, not fo fure, ther-
fore to be taken hede of leffe, with longe tarienge on,
it breake your bowe, more fit to Ihoote farre, than apte
to pricke nere, therfore when you knowe the nature of
bothe bigge and, lytle you mull fit your bow, ac-
cording to the occafion of your Ihootinge. In
flringinge of your bow (though this place belong rather
to the handlyng than to the thyng it felfe, yet by-
caufe the thynge, and the handlynge of the thynge, be
fo ioyned together, I muft nede fome tyme couple
the one wyth the other,) you mull mark the fit length
of your bowe. For yf the ftringe be to Ihort, the
bending wyll gyue, and at the laft flyp and fo put the
bowe in ieopardye. Yf it be longe, the bendynge
muft nedes be in the fmal of the firing, which beynge
fore twined muft nedes knap in funder to ye diftruc-
tion of manye good bowes. Moreouer you muftlooke
that youre bowe be well nocked for fere the IharpnerTe
of the home mere a funder the ftrynge. And that
chaunceth ofte when in bending, the ftring hath but
one wap to ftrengthe it wyth all: You muft marke
alfo to fet youre ftringe ftreygte on, or elles the one
ende lhall wriethe contrary to the other, and fo breke
your bowe. When the ftringe begynnethe neuer fo
lytle to were, truft it not, but a waye with it for it is
an- yll faued halpeny yat coftes a man a crowne. Thus
you fe howe many ieopardyes hangethe ouer the felye
poore bowe, by reafon onlye of the ftrynge. As when
the ftringe is fhorte, when it is longe, when eyther of
the nockes be nought, when it hath but one wap, and
when it taryethe ouer longe on,

p|jf. I fe wel it is no meruell, though fo many
bowes be broken.

Bowes be broken twife as many wayes befyde