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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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thefe. But a gayne in ftringynge youre bowe, you
muft loke for muche bende or lytle bende for they be 
cleane contrarye.

The lytle bende hath but one commoditie, whyche*
is in Ihootyng fafter and farther fhoote, and ye caufe
therof is, bycaufe the ftrynge hath fo far a paffage, or it
parte wyth the lhafte.    The greate bende hath many
commodities: for it maketh eafyer fhootynge the bowe:
beyng halfe drawen afore.    It needeth no bracer, for'
the ftrynge ftoppeth before it come at the arme.    It'
wyl not fo fone hit a mannes ileue or other geare, by-'
the fame reafon: It hurteth not the fhaft fedder, as.
the lowe bende doeth.    It fuifereth a man better to *
efpye his marke.    Therfore lette youre bowe haue
good byg bend, a lhaftemente and. ii. fyngers at the
leaft, for thefe which I haue fpoken of.

Pfjt,   The brafer,   gloue,  and   ftrynge,  be done,
nowe you muile come to the bowe, the
chefe inftrument of all.                                           Bowe',

3t0, Dyuers countryes and tymes haue vfed alwayes *
dyuers bowes, and of dyuers famions.

Home bowes are vfed in fome places nowe, and
were vfed alfo in Homerus dayes, for Pan-                    '

darus bowe, the befl fhooter among al the            ^ 4- s

Troianes, was made of two Goete homes ioyned to- *
gyther, the lengthe wherof fayth Homer, was. xvi hand-
bredes, not far differing from the lengthe of our bowes.

Scripture   maketh mention   of  braffe
bowes.   Iron bowes, and ftyle bowes, haue             m'*'*

bene of longe tyrae, and alfo nowe are vfed among'
the Turkes, but yet they muft. nedes be vnprofitable.
For yf braffe, yron or ftyle, haue theyr owne ftrength -
and pith in them, they be farre aboue mannes ftrength:
yf they be made meete for mannes ftrengthe, theyr
pithe is nothyng worth to fhoote any fhoote wyth all.  ,

The Ethiopians had bowes of palme tre, whiche;
feemed to be very ftronge, but we haue
none experience of them.    The lengthe of       er"m **  i
was. iiuVcubites,    The men of Inde had theyr