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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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of them: as oftentymes chaunceth. And as a man
both mufle and wyll take counfell, of a wyfe and
honefte man, though he fe not the ende of it, fo mull a
fhooter of neceffitie, trufte an honeft and good bowyer
for a bowe, afore he knowe the proofe of it. And as a
wyfe man wyll take plentye of counfel afore hand what
foeuer need, fo a fhooter fhulde haue alwayes. iii. or.
iiii. bowes, in ftore, what fo euer chaunce.

Plji. But if I trufte bowyers alwayes, fometyme I
am lyke to be deceyued.

2Eox. Therefore mail I tell you fome tokens in a
bowe, that you fhal be the feeldomer deceyued. If
you come into a fhoppe, and fynde a bowe that is
fcnall, long, heauy and ftrong, lyinge ft[r]eyght, not
windyng, not marred with knot, gaule, wyndefhake,
wem, freate or pynche, bye that bowe of my warrant.
The befte colour of a bowe yat I fynde, is whan the
backe and the bellye in woorkynge, be muche what
after one maner, for fuch oftentymes in wearyng, do
proue lyke virgin wax or golde, hauynge a fine longe
grayne, euen from the one ende of the bowe, to the
other: the fliort graine although fuche proue well
fomtyme, are for ye moft parte, very brittle. Of the
makynge of the bowe, I wyll not greatly meddle, lefle
I fhoulde feeme to enter into an other mannes occu-
pation, whyche I can no fkyll of. Yet I woulde defyre
all bowyers to feafon theyr ftaues well, to woorke
them and fynke them well, to giue them heetes con-
uenient, and tyllerynges plentye. For thereby they
fhoulde bothe get them felues a good name, (And a
good name encreafeth a mannes profyte mudie) and
alfo do greate commodite to the hole Realme. If any
men do offend in this poynte, I am afrayde they be thofe
iourny men whiche labour more fpedily to make manye
bowes for theyr owne monye fake, than they woorke
dilligently to make good bowes, for the common welth
fake, not layinge before theyr eyes, thys wyfe prouerbe.

Soneynought if'welynough*