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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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the pith of it is quicke ynoughe of caft, it wyll plye and
bow far afore it breake, as al other yonge thinges do.
The boole of ye tree is cleneft without knot or pin,
hauinge a fafte and harde woode by reafonne of hys
full groweth, flronge and myghtye of caft, and bell for
a bow, yf the ftaues be euen clouen, and be afterwarde
wroughte not ouer[t]wharte the woode, but as the graine
>nd ftreyght growyng of the woode leadethe a man, or
dies by all reafon it muft fone breake, and that in
many fhiuers. This muft be confidered in the roughe
woode, and when the bow ftaues be ouerwrought and
facioned. For in dreffing and pikynge it vp for a bow,
it is to late to loke for it. But yet in thefe poyntes as
I fayd before you mufte trufle an honeft bowyer, to put a
good bow in youre hand, fomewhat lookinge your felfe
to thofe tokens whyche I mewed you. And you mufte
not fticke for a grote or. xii. d. more than a nother man
would giue yf it be a good bowe. For a good bow twife
paide for is better than an ill bowe once broken.

Thus a fhooter mufte begyn not at the makynge
of hys bowe lyke a bower, but at the byinge of hys
bow lyke an Arch ere. And when his bow is bought and
brought home, afore he trufle muche vpon it, let hym
trye and trym it after thys forte.

Take your bow in to the feeld, mote in hym, finke hym
wyth deade heauye fhaftes, looke where he commethe
mooft,prouyde for that place betymes,lefte it pincrieand
fo freate; when you hauethus fhot in him,andperceyued
good fhootynge woode in hym, you muft haue hym
agayne to a good cunnynge, and truftie woorkeman,
whyche fhall cut hym morter, and pike hym and dreffe
hym fytter, make hym comme rounde compace euery
where, and whippyng at the endes, but with difcretion,
left he whyp in funder or els freete, foner than he is ware
of, he muft alfo lay hym ftreght, if he be cafte or other-
wife nede require, and if he be flatte made, gather hym
rounde, and fo fhall he bothe fhoote the fafter, for farre
ihootynge, and alfo the furer for nere pryckynge.

What yf I come into a Ihoppe, and fpye oute