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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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u8                         CrrpJjpIjtlttS. 33*

boye when he is younge. But yet as of an vnrulie
boye with right handlyng, proueth ofteneft of al a
well ordered man ; fo of an vnfit and ftaffyfh bow
with good trimming, mufte nedes folowe alwayes a
ftedfaft fhotynge bowe.

And fuche a perfite bowe, whiche neuer wyll de-
ceyue a man, excepte a man deceyue it, muft be had
for that perfecte ende, whycheyou looke for infhootinge.

JPfju Well Toxophile, I fee wel you be cunninger
in this gere than I : but put cafe that I haue thre
or fower fuche good bowes, pyked and dreffed, as
you no we fpeke of, yet I do remembre yat manye
learned men do faye, that it is eafier to gette a good
thynge, than to faue and keepe a good thyng, wherfore
if you can teache me as concernyng that poynte, you
haue fatiffyed me plentifullye as concernynge a bowe.

2T0X. Trulye it was the nexte thyng that I woulde
haue come vnto, for fo the matter laye.

Whan you haue broughte youre bowe to fuche a
poynte, as I fpake of, than you muft haue an herden or
wullen cloth waxed, wherwith euery day you muft rubbe
and chafe your bowe, tyll it fhyne and glytter withall.
Whyche thynge fhall caufe it bothe to be cleane, well
fauoured, goodlye of coloure, and fhall alfo bryng as it
were a crufte, ouer it, that is to fay, fhall make it
euery where on the outfyde, fo ilyppery and harde,
that neyther any weete or wether can enter to hurte
it, nor yet any freat or pynche, be able to byte vpoii
it : but that you fhal do it great wrong before you
breake it This muft be done oftentimes but fpe-
cially when you come from fhootynge.

Beware alfo whan you fhoote, of youre fhaft hedes,
dagger, knyues, or agglettes, left they race your bowe,
a thing as I fayde before, bothe vnfemely to looke on,
and alfo daungerous for freates. Take hede alfo of
miftie and dankyfhe dayes, whiche fhal hurte a bowe,
more than any rayne. For then you mufte eyther
alway rub it, or els leaue fhootynge.

Your bowecafe (this I dyd not promife to fpeake of,