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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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bycaufe it is without the nature of fhoot-
ynge, or els I fhoulde truble me wyth Bowc^e-
other thinges infinite more : yet feing it is a fauegarde
for the bowe, fomethynge I wyll faye of it) youre bowe-
cafe I faye, yf you ryde forth, mufle neyther be to
wyde for youre bowes, for fo fhall one clap vpon an
other, and hurt them, nor yet fo flrayte that fcarfe they
can be thrufl in, for that woulde laye them on fyde
and wynde them. A bowecafe of ledder, is not the
beft, for that is ofttymes moyfte which hurteth the
bowes very much. Therfore I haue fene good mooters
which would haue for euerye bowe, a fere cafe made
of wollen clothe, and than you maye putte. iii. or. iiii.
of them fo cafed, into a ledder cafe if you wyll. This
wollen cafe mall bothe kepe them in funder, and alfo
wylle kepe a bowe in his full flrengthe, that it neuer
gyue for any wether. At home thefe wood cafes be
verye good for bowes to fland in. But take hede yat
youre bowe ftande not to nere a ftone wall, for that
wyll make hym moyfte and weke, nor yet to nere any
ner for that wyll make him fhorte and brittle. And
thus muche as concernyng the fauyng and keping of
our bowe; nowe you mail heare what thynges ye muft
auoyde, for feare of breakyng your bowe.

A fhooter chaunfeth to breake his bowe commonly,
iiii. wayes, by the flrynge, by the fhafte, by draw-
yng to far, and by freates; By the flryng as I fayde
afore, whan the flrynge is eyther to fhorte, to long,
not furely put on, wyth one wap, or put croked on, or
morne in fundre wyth an euell nocke, or fuffered to
tarye ouer longe on. Whan the ftryng fayles the bowe
mufle nedes breake, and fpecially in the myddes;
becaufe bothe the endes haue nothyng to flop them;
but whippes fo far backe, that the belly muft nedes
violentlye rife vp, the whyche you mall well perceyue
in bendyng of a bowe backward. Therfore a bowe
that foloweth the flrynge is leaft hurt with breakyng of
flrynges. By the fhafte a bowe is broken ether when
it is to fhort, and fo you fet it in your bow or when