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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Sends tree.







Thefe wooddes as they be moft commonly vfed, fo
they be moofle fit to be vfed : yet fome one fytter
then an other for diuers mennes fhotinge, as fhalbe
toulde afterwarde. And in this pointe as in a bowe
you mufle trufle an honeft fletcher, Neuertheleffe al
thoughe I can not teache you to make a bowe or a
fhafte, whiche belongeth to a bowyer and a fletcher to
comme to theyr lyuyng, yet wyll I fhewe you fome
tokens to knowe a bowe and a fhafte, whiche per-
tayneth to an Archer to come to good fhootynge.

A ftele mufle be well feafoned for Caftinge, and it
muft be made as the grayne lieth and as it groweth or
els it wyl neuer flye clene, as clothe cut ouertwhart and
agaynfte the wulle, can neuer hoofe a manne cleane.
A knottye ftele maye be fuffered in a bygge fhafte,
but for a lytle fhafte it is nothynge fit, bothe bycaufe it
wyll neuer flye far, and befydes that it is euer in
danger of breakynge. it flieth not far bycaufe the
ftrengthe of the fhoote is hindred and flopped at the
knotte, euen as a flone cafl in to a plaine euen flil
water, wyll make the water moue a greate fpace, yet
yf there be any whirlynge plat in the water, the
mouynge ceafethe when it commethe at the whyrlynge
plat, whyche is not muche vnlyke a knotte in a fhafte
yf it be confidered wel. So euery thyng as it is plaine
and flreight of hys owne nature fo is it fittefl for far
mouynge. Therfore a flele whyche is harde to flande
in a bowe, without knotte, and ftreighte (I meane not
artificiallve flreyghte as the fletcher dothe make it? but