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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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great myghte of the bowe. The fhafte mufl be made
rounde nothynge flat wyth out gal or wemme, for thys
purpofe. For bycaufe roundneffe (whether you take
example in heauen or in earthe) is fitteft ihappe and
forme both for fail mouing and alfo for fone percynge
of any thynge. And therfore Ariftotle fay the that
nature hath made the raine to be round, bycaufe it
fhoulde the eafelyer enter throughe the ayre.

The nocke of the fhafte is dyuerfly made, for fome be
greate and full, fome hanfome and lytle, fome wyde,
fome narow, fome depe, fome fhalowe, fome round,
fome longe, fome wyth one nocke, fome wyth a
double nocke, wherof euery one hathe hys propertye.

The greate and full nocke, maye be well felte, and
many wayes they faue a fhafte from brekynge. The
hanfome and lytle nocke wyll go clene awaye frome
the hand, the wyde nocke is noughte, both for
breakyng of the fhafte and alfo for foden flyppynge
oute of the flrynge when the narrowe nocke doth
auoyde bothe thofe harmes. The depe and longe
nocke is good in warre for fure kepyng in of the
flrynge. The fhalow, and rownde nocke is befl for
our purpofe in prickyng for cleane delyueraunce of a
fhoote. And double nockyng is vfed for double
fuerty of the fhaft. And thus far as concernynge a
hoole flele.

Peecynge of a fhafte with brafell and holie, or
other heauy woodes, is to make the ende compaffe
heauy with the fethers in fliyng, for the fledfafter
fhotyng. For if the ende were plumpe heauy wyth
lead and the wood nexte it lyghte, the head ende
woulde euer be downwardes, and neuer flye flrayght

Two poyntes in peecing be ynough, left the moyilnes
of the earthe enter to moche into the peecinge, and fo
leufe the glue. Therefore many poyntes be more
pleafaunt to the eye, than profitable for the vfe.

Summe vfe to peece theyr fhaftes in the nocke wyth
brafel, or holye, to counterwey, with the head, and I
haue fene fumme for the fame purpofe, bore an hole a