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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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133                           Cfljtfjpfjtlutf, 33.

yet fommewhat to "be looked on: for a good whyte,
you  haue fometyme an yll greye.     Yet furelye it
flandeth with good reafon to haue the cocke father
black or greye, as it were to gyue a man warning
to nocke ryght.    The cocke fether is  called  that
which flandeth aboue in ryght nocking, which if you
do not obferue the other fethers mufl nedes run on the
bowe, and fo marre your fhote.   And thus farre of the
goodneffe and choyfe of your fether: now foloweth the
fetting on.  Wherin you muft looke that your fethers be
not drawen for haflinefTe, but pared euen and ftreyghte
with diligence.    The fletcher draweth a fether when
he hath but one fwappe at it with his knyfe, and then
playneth it a lytle, with rubbynge it ouer his knyfe.
He pareth it when he taketh leyfure and hede to make
euery parte of the ryb apt to ftand flreight, and euen
on vpon the flele.    This thing if a man take not heede
on, he maye chaunce haue caufe to faye fo of his
fletcher, as in dreffmge of meate is communelye fpoken
of Cookes: and that is, that God fendeth vs good
fethers, but the deuyll noughtie Fletchers.    Yf any
fletchers  heard  me faye thus, they wolde not  be
angrye with me, excepte they were yll fletchers: and
yet by reafon, thofe fletchers too, ought rather to
amend them felues for doing yll, then be angry with
me for faying truth.    The ribbe in a ftyffe fether may
be thinner, for fo it wyll ftande cleaner on : but in a
weake fether you mufl leaue a thicker ribbe, or els yf
the ryb which is the foundacion and grounde, wherin
nature hath fet euerye clefte of the fether, be taken to
nere the fether, it mufte nedes folowe, that the fether
fhall faule, and droupe downe, euen as any herbe
doeth whyche hath his roote to nere taken on with a
fpade.     The lengthe and fhortneffe  of the fether,
ferueth for diuers fhaftes, as a long fether for a long
heauy, or byg fhafte, the fhorte fether for the contrary.
Agayne the fhorte may flande farther, the longe nerer
the  nocke.     Youre fether   mufle   flande   almoofle
ftreyght on, but yet after that forte, yat it maye turne