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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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rounde in flyinge. And here I confider the wonder-
full nature of fhootynge, whicheftandeth all togytherby
that falhion, which is mofte apte for quicke mouynge,
and that is by roundeneffe. For firfle the bowe mufl be
gathered rounde, in drawyng it mufl come rounde com-
paffe, the flrynge mufle be rounde, the ftele rounde, the
bell nocke rounde, the feather fhorne fomwhat rounde,
the fliafte in flyenge, mufle turne rounde, and if it flye
far, it flyeth a rounde compace. For eyther aboue
or benethe a rounde compace, hyndereth the flyinge.
Moreouer bothe the fletcher in makynge your mafte,
and you in nockynge your fhafte, mufle take heede
that two fethers equallye runne on the bowe. For
yf one fether runne alone on the bowe, it fhal
quickely be worne, and mall not be able to matclie
with the other fethers, and agayne at the lowfe, yf the
fhafte be lyght, it wyl flarte, if it be heuye, it wil hoble.
And thus as concernyng fettyng on of your fether,
Nowe of coulynge.

To mere a fhafte hyghe or lowe, mufle be as the
fhafte is; heauy or lyght, great or lytle, long or fhort.
The fwyne backed fafhion, maketh the fhaft deader,
for it gather eth more ayer than the fad die backed, and
therfore the faddle backe is furer for daunger of
wether, and fitter for fmothe fliing. Agayn to fhere
a fhaft rounde, as they were wount fomtime to do, or
after the triangle falhion, whyche is muche vfed nowe
a dayes, bothe be good. For roundneffe is apte for
fliynge of his owne nature, and al maner of triangle
fafhion, (the Iharpe poynte goyng before) is alfo
naturally apte for quycke entrynge, and therfore fayth
Cicero, that cranes taught by nature, ob- De ^ d^
ferue in flyinge a triangle fafhion alwayes,
bycaufe it is fo apte to perce and go thorowe the
ayer wythalL Lafle of all pluckynge of fethers is
noughte, for there is no fuerty in it, therfore let euery
archer haue fuch fhaftes, that he maye bothe knowe
them and trull them at euery chaunge of wether. Yet
if they mufl nedes be plucked, plucke them as litle as