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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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they flewe ritche Craffus and his fonne vfed brode
Arrowe   heades,   whyche   ftacke  fo   fore   that  the
Romaynes could not poule them out agayne.    Corn-
modus the Emperoure vfed forked heades,
whofe facion Herodiane doeth lyuely and         ero ia*I

naturally defcribe, fayinge that they were lyke the map
of a new mone wherwyth he would finite of the heade of
abirde and neuer miffe, other facion of heades haue not
I red on. Our Englyfhe heades be better in war than
eyther forked heades, or brode arrowe heades. For
mile the ende beynge lyghter they flee a great deele
the fafter, and by the fame reafon gyueth a far forer
flripe. Yea and I fuppofe if ye fame lytle barbes
whiche they haue, were clene put away, they fhuld
be far better. For thys euery man doth graunt, yat a
fhaft as long as it fiyeth, turnes, and whan it leueth
turnyng it leueth goyng any farther. And euery
thynge that enters by a turnynge and boring facion,
the more flatter it is, the worfe it enters, as a knife
thoughe it be ftiarpe yet becaufe of the edges, wil not
bore fo wel as a bodkin, for euery rounde thynge
enters befte and therefore nature, fayeth Ariftotle, made
the rayne droppes rounde for quicke percynge the
ayer. Thus, eyther ihaftes turne not in flyeng, or els
our flatte arrowe heades ftoppe the lhafte in entrynge.

P|ji. But yet Toxophile to holde your communica-
tion a lytle I fuppofe the flat heade is better, bothe
bycaufe it maketh a greter hoole, and alfo bycaufe it
flicks fafter in.

3E0x* Thefe two reafons as they be bothe trewe, fo
they be both nought. For fyrft the leffe hoole, yf it
be depe, is the worft to heale agayn: when a man
fhoteth at hys enemy, he defyreth rather yat it mould
enter far, than flick faft. For what remedye is it I
praye you for hym whych is fmitten with a depe
wounde to poull out the fhaft quickely, except it be to
hafle his death fpedely ? thus heades whyche make a
lytle hole and depe, be better in war, than thofe which
make a great hole and fticke faft in.