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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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138                           ft0£0jj?)tlu£* 38*

bycaufe it lackethe fhouldrynge wherwyth as wyth a
fure token a man myghte be warned when to lowfe,
and alfo bycaufe menne are afrayde of the lharpe
poynt for fettyng it in ye bow. The feconde incom-
moditie is when it is lyghted on ye ground, ye fmal
poynte lhall at euery tyme be in ieopardye of hurtynge,
whyche thynge of all other wyll foneft make the mafte
lefe the lengthe. Now when blonte heades be good
to kepe a lengthe wythall, yet noughte for a wynde,
lharpe heades good to perche the wether wyth al,
yet nought for a length, certayne heademakers
dwellyng in London perceyuynge the commoditie of
both kynde of heades ioyned wyth a difcommoditie,
inuented newe files and other inflrumentes where wyth
[t]he[y] broughte heades for pryckynge to fuch a per-
fitneffe, that all the commodities of the twoo other
heades Ihould be put in one heade wyth out anye dis-
commoditie at all. They made a certayne kynde of
heades whyche men call hie rigged, creafed, or fhoul-
dred heades, or fyluer fpone heades, for a certayne
lykenefle that fuche heades haue wyth the knob ende
of fome fyluer fpones.

Thefe heades be good both to kepe a length withal
and alfo to perche a wynde wythal, to kepe a length
wythall bycaufe a man maye certaynly poule it to the
Ihouldrynge euery Ihoote and no farther, to perche a
wynde wythall bycaufe the pointe from the fhoulder
forwarde, breketh the wether as al other fharpe thynges
doo. So the blonte moulder feruethe for a fure lengthe
kepynge, the poynte alfo is euer fit, for a roughe and
greate wether percyng. And thus much as fhortlye as
I could, as concernyng heades both for war and peace.

PfjL But is there no cunning as concerning fetting
on of ye head ?

2C0x. Wei remembred. But that poynt belongeth to
fletchers, yet you may defyre hym to fet youre heade,
full on, and clofe on. Ful on is whan the wood is
be[n]t hard vp to the ende or floppynge of the heade,
clofe on, is when there is lefte wood on euerye fyde