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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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This communication of teaching youthe, maketh me
to remembrethe right worfhipfull and my fmgulergood
mayfler, Sir Humfrey Wmgfelde, to whom nexte God,
I ought to refer for his manifolde benefites beftowed
on me, the poore talent of learnyng, whiche god hath
lent me : and for his fake do I owe my feruice to all
other of the name and noble houfe of the Wyngfeldes,
bothe in woord and dede. Thys worfhypfull man hath
euer loued and vfed, to haue many children brought
vp in learnynge in his houfe amonges whome I my felfe
was one. For whom at terme tymes he woulde bryng
downe from London bothe bo we and ihaftes. And
when they fliuld playe he woulde go with them him
felfe in to the fyelde, and fe them flioote, and he that
mot fayreft, fhulde haue the beft bowe and fhaftes,
and he that mot ilfauouredlye, fhulde be mocked of
his felowes, til he ihot better.

Woulde to god all Englande had vfed or wolde vfe
to lay the foundacion of youth, after the example of
this worfhipful man in bringyng vp chyldren in the
Booke and the Bowe: by whiche two thynges, the hole
common welth both in peace and warre is chefelye
ruled and defended wythall.

But to our purpofe, he that mufte come to this high
perfe6lnes in fhootyng which we fpeake of, mufte nedes
begin to learne it in hys youthe, the omitting of whiche
thinge in Englande, both maketh fewer fhooters, and
alfo euery man that is a fhoter, mote warfe than he
myght, if he were taught.

•jjiljf, Euen as I knowe that this is true, whiche you
faye, euen fo Toxophile, haue you quyte difcouraged
me, and drawen my minde cleane from fhootynge,
feinge by this reafon, no man yat hath not vfed it .in
his youthe can be excellent in it. And I fuppofe the
fame refon woulde difcourage many other mo, yf they
hearde you talke after this forte.

2C0X, This thyng Philologe, fhall difcourage no man
that is wyfe. For I wyll proue yat wifdome may worke
the fame thinge in a man, that nature doth in a chylde.