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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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more eafly and foner maye be taught to fhote excel-
lentlye then men, bycaufe chylderne may be taught
to Ihoote well at the fyrfte, men haue more payne to
vnlearne theyr yll vfes, than they haue laboure after-
warde to come to good fhootynge.

All the difcommodities whiche ill cuflome hath
grafted in archers, can neyther be quycklye poulled
out, nor yet fone reckened of me, they be fo manye.

Some fhooteth, his head forwarde as though he
woulde b>te the marke: an other ftareth wyth hys
eyes, as though they fhulde flye out: An other
winketh with one eye, and loketh with the other:
Some make a face with writhing theyr mouthe and
countenaunce fo, as though they were doyng you wotte
what: An other blereth out his tonge; An other
byteth his lyppes : An other holdeth his necke a wiye.
In drawyng fome fet fuche a compaffe, as thoughe
they woulde tourne about, and Myffe all the feelde :
Other heaue theyr hand nowe vp nowe downe, that a
man can not decerne wherat they wolde fhote, an
other waggeth the vpper ende of his bow one way,
the neyther ende an other waye. An other wil fland
poyntinge his Ihafte at the marke a good whyle and by
and by he wyll gyue hym a whip, and awaye or a man
wite. An other maketh fuche a wreftling with his
gere, as thoughe he were able to Ihoote no more as
longe as he lyued. An other draweth foftly to ye mid-
des, and by and by it is gon, you can not knowe howe.

An other draweth his fhafte lowe at the breafte,
as thoughe he woulde fhoote at a rouynge marke, and
by and by he lifteth his arme vp pncke heyghte. An
other maketh a wrynchinge with hys backe, as though
a manne pynched hym behynde.

An other coureth downe, and layeth out his but-
tockes, as though he fhoulde fhoote at crowes.

An other fetteth forwarde hys lefte legge, and draw-
eth backe wyth head and fhowlders, as thoughe he
pouled at a rope, or els were afrayed of ye marke.
An other draweth his fhafte well, vntyll wythin. ii,