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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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. 34*

fyngers of the head, and than he ftayeth a lyttle, to
looke at hys marke, and that done, pouleth it vp to
the head, and lowfeth : whych waye although fumme
excellent footers do vfe, yet furely it is a faulte, and
good mennes faultes are not to be folowed.

Summe men drawe to farre, furnme to fhorte, fumme
to flowlye, fumme to quickely, fumme holde ouer longe,
fumme let go ouer fone.

Summe fette theyr lhafte on the groimde, and fetch-
eth him vpwarde. An other poynteth vp towarde the
fkye, and fo bryngeth hym downewardes.

Ones I fawe a manne whyche vfed a brafar on his
cheke, or elles he had fcratched all the fkynne of the
one fyde, of his face, with his drawynge hand.

An other I fawe, whiche at euerye Ihoote, after the
loofe, lyfted vp his ryght legge fo far, that he was euer
in ieoperdye of faulyng.

Summe fLampe forwarde, and fumme leape back-
warde. All thefe faultes be eyther in the drawynge,
or at the loofe : with many other mo whiche you
may eafelye perceyue, and fo go about to auoyde them.

Nowe afterwarde whan the fhafte is gone, men haue
manye faultes, whyche euell Cuftome hath broughte
them to, and fpecially in cryinge after the lhafte, and
fpeakynge woordes fcarce honeft for fuche an honeft

Suche woordes be verye tokens of an ill mynde,
and manifefLe fignes of a man that is fubie&e to in-
meafurable afifedtions. Good mennes eares do abhor
them, and an honeft man therfore wyl auoyde them.
And befydes thofe whiche mufte nedes haue theyr
tongue thus walkynge, other men vfe other fautes as
fome will take theyr bowe and writhe and wrinche it,
to poule in his lhafte, when it flyeth wyde, as yf he
draue a carte. Some wyll gyue two or. iii. ftrydes
forwarde, daunting and hoppynge after his lhafte, as
long as it flyeth, as though he were a madman.
Some which feare to be to farre gone, runne backe-
warde as it were to poule his lhafte backe. Another
runneth forwarde, whan he feareth to be Ihort, heau-