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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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. 38.

Allthefe thynges Toxophile althoughe I bothe
nowe perceyue them thorowlye, and alfo wyll remember
them dilligently: yet to morowe or fome other day when
you haue leafure we wyll go to the pryckes, and put them
by lytle and lytle in experience. For teachynge not fol-
owed, doeth euen as muchegood as bookes neuer looked
vpon. But nowe feing you haue taught me to motefayre,
I praye you tel me fomwhat, how I mould fhoote nere
lefte that prouerbe myght be fayd iuftlye of me fome-
tyme. He fliootes lyke a gentle man fayre and far of.

2C0X* He that can fhoote fayre, lacketh nothyng
but fhootyng flreyght and kepyng of a length wherof
commeth hyttynge of the marke, the ende both of
fhootyng and alfo of thys our communication. The
handlyng of ye wether and the mark bicaufe they
belong to fhootyng flreyghte, and kepynge of a
lengthe, I wyll ioyne them togyther, fhewinge what
thinges belonge to kepynge of a lengthe, and what to
ftiootynge ftreyght

The greater! enemy of fhootyng is the wynde and
the wether, wherby true kepyng a lengthe is chefely
hindred. If this thing were not, men by Wynde and
teaching might be brought to wonderful wether.
neare fhootynge. It is no maruayle if the litle poore
fhafte being fent alone, fo high in to the ayer, into a
great rage of wether, one wynde toffmge it that waye, an
other thys waye, it is no maruayle I faye, thoughe it
leefe the lengthe, and miffe that place, where the fhooter
had thought to haue founde it. Greter matters than
ihotynge are vnder the rule and wyll of the wether,
as faylynge on the fea. And lykewife as in fayling,
the chefe poynt of a good matter, is to knowe the
tokens of chaunge of wether, the courfe of the wyndes,
that therby he maye the better come to the Hauen:
euen fo the beft propertie of a good fhooter, is to
knowe the nature of the wyndes, with hym and
agaynfte hym, that thereby he maye the nerer mote
at hys marke. Wyfe mayflers whan they canne not
winne the befte hauen, they are gladde of the nexte:
Good fhooters alfo, yat cap not whan they would hit