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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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152                            Crrjr0$)tTuŁ. 33,

fytlye to be fitter for his pom pole, eyther bycaufe it
is lower fethered, or els bycaufe it is of a better wyng,
wyll fo handle wyth difcretion hys fhoote, that he mail
feeme rather to haue the wether vnder hys rule, by
good hede gyuynge, than the wether to rule hys fhafte
by any fodayne chaungyng.

Therefore in fhootynge there is as muche difference
betwixt an archer that is a good wether man, and an
other that knoweth and marketh nothynge, as is be-
twixte a blynde man and he that can fe.

Thus, as concernynge the wether, a perfyte archer
mufle nrfte learn e to knowe the fure flyghte of his
fhaftes, that he may be boulde alwayes, to truft
them, than mufle he learne by daylye experience
all maner of kyndes of wether, the tokens of it,
whan it wyl cumme, the nature of it when it is cumme,
the diuerfitie and alteryng of it, whan it chaungeth,
the decreafe and diminifhing of it, whan it ceafeth.
Thirdly, thefe thinges knowen, and euery fhoote dili-
gentlye marked, than mull a man compare alwayes, the
wether and his footyng togyther, and with difcretion
meafure them fo, that what fo euer the roughe wether
mall take awaye from hys fhoote the fame mail iufte
footynge reftore agayne to hys fhoote.

Thys thynge well knowen, and difcretelye handeled
in fhootynge, bryngeth more profite and commendation
and prayfe to an Archer, than any other thynge befydes.

He that woulde knowe perfectly the winde and
wether, mufle put differences betwixte tymes. For
diuerfitie of tyme caufeth diuerfitie of wether, as in
the whole yeare, Sprynge tyme, Somer, Faule of the
leafe, and Winter; Lykewyfe in one day Mornynge,
Noonetyme, After noone, and Euentyde, bothe alter
the wether, and chaunge a mannes bowe wyth the
ftrength of man alfo. And to knowe that this is fo,
is ynough for a fhoter and artillerie, and not to
ferche the caufe, why it flioulde be fo : whiche
belongeth to a learned man and Philofophie.

In confydering the tyme of the yeare, a wyfe Archer
wyll folowe a good Shipman. In Winter and rough