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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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of jftjontutg*                      153

wether, fmall bootes and lytle pinkes forfake the
And at one tyme of the yeare, no Gallies come
abrode ; So lykewyfe weake Archers, vfyng fmall and
holowe fhaftes, with bowes of htle pith, mufle be con-
tent to gyue place for a tyme.

And this I do not faye, eyther to difcommende or
difcourage any weake Ihooter : For lykewyfe, as there
is no fhippe better than Gallies be, in a fofte and a
caulme fea, fo no man mooteth cumlier or nerer~hys
marke, than fome weake archers doo, in a fayre and
cleare daye.

Thus euery archer mufl knowe, not onelye what
bowe and fhafte is fitteft for him to fhoote withall, but
alfo whattyme and feafon is beft for hym to mote in.
And furely, in al other matters to, amonge al degrees
of men, there is no man which doth any thing eyther
more difcretely for his commendation, or yet more
profitable for his aduauntage, than he which wyll knowe
perfitly for what matter and for what tyme he is
mooft apte and fit Yf men woulde go aboute mat-
ters whych they mould do and be fit for, and not
fuche thynges whyche wylfullye they defyre and j^et
be vnfit for, verely greater matters in the common
welthe than fhootyng fhoulde be in better cafe than
they be. This ignorauncie in men whyche know
not for what tyme, and to what thynge they be fit,
caufeth fome wyfhe to be riche, for whome it were
better a greate deale_ to be poore : other to be
medlynge in euery mans matter, for whome it were
more honeftie to be quiete and ftyll. Some to defire
to be in the Courte, whiche be borne and be fitter
rather for the carte. Somme to be mayflers and rule
other, whiche neuer yet began to rule them felfe : fome
alwayes to iangle and taulke, whych rather fhoulde
heare and kepe filence. Some to teache, which
rather mould learne. Some to be prefles, whiche
were fytter to be clerkes. And thys peruerfe iudgc-
ment of ye worlde, when men mefure them felfe a
miffe, bringeth muche myforder and greate vnfemely-
peffe to the hole body of the common wealth, as yf