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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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156                          ttyttpflflttf. 38.

wayte a better feafon. For he is a foole yat wyl not
go, whome neceffitie driueth.

^{j{, This communication of yours pleafed me fo
well Toxophile, that furelye I was not haftie to calle
you, to defcrybe forthe the wether but with all my
harte woulde haue fuffered you yet to haue ftande
longer in this matter. For thefe thinges touched of you
by chaunfe, and by the waye, be farre aboue the matter
it felfe, by whofe occafion ye other were broughte in.

5E0X. Weyghtye matters they be in dede, and fit
bothe in an other place to be fpoken: and of an
other man than I am, to be handled. And bycaufe
meane men muft meddle wyth meane matters, I wyl
go forwarde in defcrybyng the wether, as concernynge
mooting: and as I toulde you before, In the hole
yere, Spring tyme, Somer, Fal of the leafe, and
Winter: and in one day, Morning, Noone tyme,
After noone, and Euentyde, altereth the courfe of the
wether, the pith of the bowe, the ftrength of the man.
And in euery one of thefe times the wether altereth,
as fumtyme wyndie, fumtyme caulme, fumtyme cloudie,
fumtyme clere, fumtyme hote, fumtyme coulde, the
wynde fumtyme moiftye and thicke, fumtyme drye and
fmothe. A litle winde in a moyftie day, ftoppeth a
fhafte more than a good whifkynge wynde in a clere
daye. Yea, and I haue fene whan there hath bene no
winde at all, the ayer fo miftie and thicke, that both
the markes haue ben wonderfull great. And ones,
whan the Plage was in Cambrige, the downe winde
twelue fcore marke for the fpace of. iii. weekes, was.
xiii. fcore, and an halfe, and into the wynde, beynge
not very great, a great deale aboue. xiiii. fcore.

The winde is fumtyme playne vp and downe,
whiche is commonly mofte certayne, and requireth
leaft knowlege, wherin a meane Ihoter with meane
geare, if he can Ihoote home, maye make bell fhifte.
A fyde wynde tryeth an archer and good gere verye
muche. Sumtyme it bloweth a lofte, fumtyme hard
by the grounde: Sumtyme it bloweth by blaftes, and
fumtyme it cpptinuefh al Jn one: Sumtyme ful fjde