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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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wynde, fumtyme quarter with hym and more, and lyke-
wyfe agaynft hym, as a man with cailynge vp lyght
graffe, or els if he take good hede, mall fenfibly learne
by experience. To fe the wynde, with a man his eyes,
it is vnpoffible, the nature of it is fo fyne, and fubtile,
yet this experience of the wynde had I ones my felfe,
and that was in the great fnowe that fell. iiri. yeares
agoo : I rode in the hye waye betwixt Topcliffe vpon
Swale, and Borowe bridge, the waye beyng fumwhat
trodden afore, by waye fayrynge men. The feeldes
on bothe fides were playne and laye almoft yearde
depe with fnowe, the nyght afore had ben a litle frofte,
fo yat the fnowe was hard and crafted aboue. That
morning the fun Ihone bright and clere, the winde was
whiftelinge a lofte, and fharpe accordynge to the tyme
of the yeare. The fnowe in the hye waye laye lowfe
and troden wyth horfe feete: fo as the wynde blewe,
it toke the lowfe mow with it, and made it fo flide
vpon the fnowe in the felde whyche was harde and
crufled by reafon of the frofl ouer nyght, that therby
I myght fe verye wel, the hole nature of the wynde as
it blewe yat daye. And I had a great delyte and
pleafure to marke it, whyche maketh me now far
better to remember it. Sometyme the wynd would
be not paft. ii. yeardes brode, and fo it would carie
the fnowe as far as I could fe. An other tyme the
fnow woulde blowe ouer halfe the felde at ones.
Sometyme the fnowe woulde tomble foftly, by and
by it would flye wonderfull faft. And thys I per-
ceyued alfo that ye wind goeth by ftreames and
not hole togither. For I mould fe one ftreame
wyth in a Score on me, than the fpace of. ii. fcore
no fnow would ftirre, but after fo muche quantitie of
grounde, an other ftreame of fnow at the fame very
tyme ihould be caryed lykewyfe, but not equally. For
the one would ftande ftyll when the other flew a pace,
and fo contynewe fomtyme fwiftlyer fometime flowlyer,
fometime broder, fometime narrower, as far as I could e
fe. Nor it flewe not ftreight, but fometyme it crooked
thys waye fometyme that waye, and fomtyme it ran