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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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158                           tú0j:crj)Ij)ilu& 33.

lound aboute in a compafe. And fomlyme the
fnowe wold be lyft clene from the ground vp in to the
ayre, and by and by it would be al clapt to the grounde
as though there had bene no winde at all, ilreightwa>
it woulde rife and flye agayne.

And that whych was the mooft meruayle of al, at
one tyme. ii. driftes of fnowe flewe, the one out of the
Weft into ye Eafl, the other out of the North in to ye
Eafl: And I faw. ii. windes by reafon of ye fnow the
one croffe ouer the other, as it had bene two hye
wayes. And agayne I fhoulde here the wynd blow in
the ayre, when nothing was ftirred at the ground.
And when all was Hill where I rode, not verye far from
me the fnow mould be lifted wonderfully. This expe-
rience made me more meruaile at ye nature of the
wynde, than it made me conning in ye knowlege of
ye wynd: but yet therby I learned perfitly that it is
no meruayle at al thoughe men in a wynde leafe theyr
length in Ihooting, feying fo many wayes the wynde is
fo variable in blowynge.

But feynge that a Mayfler of a fhyp, be he neuer fo
cunnynge, by the vncertayntye of the wynde, leefeth
many tymes both lyfe and goodes, furelye it is no
wonder, though a ryght good Archer, by the felf fame
wynde fo variable in lays owne nature, fo vnfenfyble to
cure nature, leefe man ye a fhoote and game.

The more vncertaine and difceyuable the wynd is,
the more hede muft a wyfe Archer gyue to know the
gyles of it.

He yat doth miflrufl is feldome begiled. For
although therby he fhall not attayne to that which
is beft, yet by thefe meanes he fhall at leafte auoyde
yat whyche is worft. Befyde al thefe kindes of windes
you muft take hede yf you fe anye cloude apere and
gather by lytle and litle agaynft you, or els yf a fhowre
of raine be lyke to come vpon you : for than both the
dryuing of the wether and the thyckynge of the ayre
increafeth the marke, when after ye fhowre al thynges
are contrary clere and caulme, and the marke for the
moft parte new to begyn agayne. You muft take