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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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hede alfo yf euer you Ihote where one of the markes
or both flondes a lytle Ihort of a hye wall, for there
you may be eaflye begyled. Yf you take graffe and
cafle it vp to fe howe the wynde ftandes, rnanye tymes
you fhal fuppofe to ihoote downe the wynde, when you
ihote cleane agaynfl the wynde. And a good reafon
why. For the wynd whych commeth in dede againfl
you, redoundeth bake agayne at the wal, and whyrleth
backe to the prycke and a lytle farther and than
turneth agayne, euen as a vehement water doeth
agaynfte a rocke or an hye braye whyche example of
water as it is more fenfible to a mans eyes, fo it is
neuer a whyt the trewer than this of the wynde. So
that the graffe cafle vp mall flee that waye whyche in
dede is the longer marke and deceyue quycklye a
fhooter that is not ware of it.

This experience had I ones my felfe at Norwytch in
the chapel felde wythin the waulles. And thys waye
I vfed in Ihootynge at thofe markes.

When I was in the myd way betwixt the markes
whyche was an open place, there I toke a fether or a
lytle lyght graffe and fo as well as I coulde, learned
how the wynd floode, that done I wente to the prycke
as fafte as I coulde, and according as I had founde ye
wynde when I was in the mid waye, fo I was fayne
than to be content to make the beft of my Ihoote that
I coulde. Euen fuche an other experience had I in a
maner at Yorke, at the prickes, lying betwixte the
caftell and Oufe fyde. And although you fmile
Philologe, to heare me tell myne owne fondenes:
yet feing you wil nedes haue me teach you fomwhat
in fhotyng, I muft nedes fomtyme tel you of myne
owne experience, and the better I may do fo, by-
caufe Hippocrates in teachynge phyfike, Hippo. D&
vfeth verye muche the fame waye. Take morb- vulú-
heede alfo when you fhoote nere the fea coil,
although you be, ii. or. iii. miles from the fea, for
there diligent markinge lhall efpie in the moft
clere daye wonderfull chaunginge. The fame is to
be confidered lykewyfe by a riuer fide fpeciallie if