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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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1 62                                SDlpjgTjClttg. 38.

to be Itreight whyche is croked : The experience of
this thing is fene in payntynge, the caufe of it is
knowen by learnynge.

And it is ynoughe for an archer to marke it and
lake hede of it. The cheife caufe why men can not
ihoote ftreight, is bicaufe they loke at theyr fhaft : and
this fault commeth bycaufe a man is not taught to
fhote when he is yong. Yf he learn e to Ihoote by him-
felfe he is afrayde to pull the fliafte throughe the
bowe, and therfore looketh alwayes at hys fhafte : yll
vfe confirmeth thys faulte as it doth many mo.

And men continewe the longer in thys faulte bycaufe
it is fo good to kepe a lengthe wyth al, and yet to mote
ftreight, they haue inuented fome waies, to efpie a tree
or a hill beyonde the marke, or elles to haue fumme
notable thing betwixt ye markes : and ones I fawe a
good archer whiche did cafte of his gere, and layd his
quiuer with it, euen in the midway betwixt ye prickes.
Summe thought he dyd fo, for fauegarde of his gere :
I fuppofe he did it, to Ihoote ftreyght withall Other
men vfe to efpie fumme marke almooft a bow wide
of ye pricke, and than go about to kepe him felfe on
yat hande that the prycke is on, which thing howe
much good it doth, a man wil not beleue, that doth
not proue it Other and thofe very good archers
in drawyng. loke at the marke vntill they come aim oft
to ye head, than they looke at theyr mafte, but at ye
very lowfe, with afeconde fight they fynde theyr marke
agayne. This way and al other afore of me reherfed
are but Ihiftes and not to be folowed in fhotyng
ftreyght For hauyng a mans eye alwaye on his marke,
is the only waye to mote ftreght, yea and I fuppofe fo
redye and eafy a way yf it be learned in youth and
confirmed with vfe, yat a man mall neuer miffe therin.
Men doubt yet in loking at ye mark what way is
beft whether betwixt the bowe and the ftringe, aboue
or beneth hys hand, and many wayes moo : yet it
maketh no great matter which way a man looke
at his marke yf it be ioyned with comly fhotynge.
The diuerfitie of mens ftandyng and drawing caufeth