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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Thys communication handled by me Philologe, as I
knowe wel not perfytly, yet as I fuppofe truelye you
muft take in good worthe, wherin if diuers tliinges do
not all togyther pleafe you, thanke youre felfe, whiche
woulde haue me rather faulte in mere follye, to take
that thynge in hande whyche I was not able for to
perfourme, than by any honefte lhamefaflnes withfay
your requeft and minde, which I knowe well I haue
not fatiffied. But yet I wyl thinke this labour of
mine the better beftowed, if tomorow or fome other
daye when you haue leyfour, you wyl fpende as much
tyme with me here in this fame place, in entreatingc
the queftion De origine animce. and the ioynyng of it
with the bodye, that I maye knowe howe far Plato,
Ariftotle, and the Stoicians haue waded in it.

Pfji. How you haue handeled this matter Toxophile
I may not well tel you my felfe nowe, but for your
gentleneffe and good wyll towarde learnyng and
fhotyng, I wyll be content to fhewe you any pleafure
whenfoeuer you wyll : and nowe the funne is doune
therfore if it pleafe you, we wil go home and drynke
in my chambre, and there I wyll tell you playnelye
what I thinke of this communication and alfo, what
daye we will appoynt at your requeft for the other
matter, to mete here agayne.

Deo gratias.


In cedibus Edouardi Whytchurck.

Cum priuilegio ad impri-
mendum folum.