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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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NOTES.                                 167

more fpeaking, before I had done her any fervice, cf her own
bountifull goodnefs made niy patent twenty pounds by year
during my life, for her and her fucceffors."

That this account is but partially correct, and that he was
making a telling ftory to amufe the Queen, appears from his
letter to Gardiner, at the time of the renewal of his penfion.

(170.)        To BISHOP GARDINER.        [About April 1554.]

In writing out my patent I have left a vacant place for your
wifdom to value the fum; wherein I trull to find further favour;
for I have both good caufe to afk it, and better hope to obtain
kit, partly in confideration of my uniewarded pains and undis-
charged coils, in teaching King EDWARD'S perfon, partly for
my three years' fervice in the Emperor's court, but chiefly of all
when King HENRY first gave it me at Greenwich, your lordfliip
in the gallery there afking me what the king had given me, and
knowing the truth, your lordfliip faid it was too little, and mo ft
gently offered me to fpeak to the king for me. But then I moft
happily defired your lordfliip to referve that goodnefs to another
time, which time God hath granted even to thefe days, when
your lordlhip may now perform by favour as much as then you
wilhed by good will, being as eafy to obtain the one as to alk
the other. And I befeech your lordlhip fee what good is offeied
me in writing the patent: the fpace which is left by chance doth
feem to crave by good luck fome words of length, as viginti or
trigintO) yea, with the help of a little dafh quadraginta would
ferve bell of all. But fure as for decem it is fomewhat with the
fhoiteft: nevertheless I for my part mall be no less contented
with the one than glad with the other, and for either of both
more than bound to your lordlhip. And thus God profper your
lordlhip. Your lordlhip's moll bounden to ferve you.


To the Rt Reverend Father in God,
My Lord Bilhop of Winchefter his Grace, thefe.

2.    The Byzantine Emperor LEO vi [b 865—afcended the
throne I. Mar. 886—d 911], furnamedin flattery thePhilofopher,
i*s reputed to have written,  befides other works, one entitled
Twv kv 7ro\ejnoi£ TCLKTIKUV GWTOfjLOQ 7rapa#o<7tf, (A fummary
expofition of the art of war). Sir John Cheke's tranflation into
Latin, of this book, in 1543 or 1544, was publilhed at Bafle in
1554, under the title of Leonis Imperatoris. De belhco apparatv
Liber, e grceco in latimim conuerfus, IOAN CHECO Cantrabrigenfi

3,    The Dutchman PETER NANNING, latinized NANNIUS,
[b 1500—d 21 July 1557] was Profeffor of Latin,  in college of
* the three languages' in the Univerfity of Louvam.   He wrote a
fhort tract of 34 pp, De mihteperegrine:in wluch, in a dialogue