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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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168                               NOTES.

between Olympius and Xenophon, he difcufles Archery-v-Guns
This tract is attached to another entitled Oratio de ob^dzont
Louanienfi. Both were publifhed atLouvain in September 1543.

4.    The Frenchman JOHN RAVISIUS TEXTOR [b about 1480
d 3 Dec: 1524] : became Rector of the Univerfity of Pans.
His Offiana was firft publifhed in 1522.    The paffage that pro-
voked Afcham's ire is, Crinitits ait Scotos (qiti vicini funt Bri~
tannis] in dirigtndis fagittis acres effe et egregios.   Fol 158. Ed.

5.    The Florentine PETER Rrccio or latinized  CRINITUS
[b 1465d about 1504.], an Italian biographer and poet.   In
December, 1504 was publifhed his Commentam de Honefla Dis-

6.   The French Chronicler, ROBERT GAGUIN [b about 1425
d 22. July. 1502.]    General of the Order of the Trinitarians,
and reputed the beft narrator of his age.  The firft edition of his
Compendium fttper Francorum %eftis was publifhed in Paris, in


7.    The Scot IOHN MAJOR, latinized IOANNES MAJOR, D.D.
[b 1478d 1540] was for many years Profeffor of Theology and
one of the Docftors of the Sorbonne, at Paris.   He publifhed his
Hzftona  Maioris Britannia, tarn Anglics  qttam   Scotia,   per
loannem Maiorem,  nomine quidem Scotum^ profejjlone autem
Theologum, e veterum monumentis concinnata.    4to Paris. 1521.
" This hiftory is divided into fix books wherein he gives a fum-
mary account of the affairs of Scotland from Fergus I. till the
marriage of King James III,, in the year 1469, with which he
concludes his work,"     Mackenzie.     Writers   of the  Scottijk
Nation^ ii. 315.

8.    HECTOR BOETHIUS, or EOECE, or BOEIS [b about 1470
d about 1550] a native of Dundee, became Principal of King's
College,  Aberdeen, wrote Scotomm hiftonce  a prima gentis
wigine. cS<r. in 17 books, fiifl publifhed in Paris in 1526, and
Bubfequently enlarged in later editions.

9.    Sir Thomas Elyot [d 1546.]   The work referred to by
Afcham, does not appear ever to have been publifhed.

Edinburgh: T. and A. Constalle^ Printers to Her ftlajesiy.