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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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2               An English Garner*

VOL n.

Large Crown Svo, doth, «Jj. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military History,
etc,, etc.

1.  The Triumph at Calais and Boulogne of HENRY VIII. [with
ANNE BOLEYN] and FRANCIS I.   November, 1532.

2.  The Coronation Procession of Queen ANNE [BOLEYN] from
the Tower through London to Westminster.   June, 1533.

3.  English Army Rations m 1591.

4.  Rev. T. PRINCE.    A History of New England in the form oj
Annals, from 1602 to 1633.    Published at Boston, N.E , in 1736-
1755.   This is the most exact condensed account in existence of the
foundation of our first Colonies m America.

English Voyages, Travels, Commerce, etc., etc.

5.  Captain T. SANDERS.    The unfortunate voyage of the Jesus
to Tripoli, where the crew were made slaves.    1584-1585.

6.  N. H.  The Third Circumnavigation of the Globe, by THOMAS
CAVENDISH, in the Desire,   1586-1588.

7.  The famous fight of the Dolphin against Five Turkish Men-
of-War off Caghari.   1617.

English Life and Progress.

8.  Dr. J. DEE.   The Petty Navy Royal    [Fisheries].   1577.

9.  Captain HITCHCOCK.    A Political Plat [Scheme], etc.   [Her-
nng Fisheries.]

10.  D. DEFOE.   The Education of Women.    1692.

English Literature, Literary History, and

11.  F. MERES.    A Sketch of English Literature, etc., up to
September,   1598,     This is   the  most   important   contempoiary
account of SHAKESPEARE'S Works to this date, including some
that have apparently perished.

12.  J. WRIGHT.    The Second Generation of English Actors,
1625-1670.    This includes some valuable information respecting
London Theatres during this period.

English Poetry.

13.  Sir P. SIDNEY.    Sonnets and Poetical Translations.    Before


14.  H. CONSTABLE, and others.   DIANA.   [Sonnet.]   1594.

15.  Madrigals, Elegies, and Poems, by various other Poets,