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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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An English Garner.


Large Crown Svo, cloth> $s. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military
History, etc., etc.

x. W. PATTEN. The Expedition into Scotland : with the Battle
of Pinkie Cleugli or Musselburgh, 1547. This was the "Rough
Wooing of MARY, Queen of Scots," whom the English wanted to
marry EDWARD VI.

English Voyages, Travels, Commerce,
etc., etc.

2   J. H.   VAN LINSCHOTEN.     Voyage to Goa and back, in
Portuguese carracks,    1583-1592.

This work showed the way to the East, and led to the formation
of the Dutch and the English East India Companies. For nearly
thiee years this Dutchman, returning m charge of a cargo of
pepper, spices, etc., was pinned up in the Azores by the English
ships ; of whose daring deeds he gives an account.

3   E. WRIGHT.   The voyage of the Earl of CUMBERLAND to
the Azores in 1589.   This is a part of LINSCHOTEN'S story re-told
more fully from an English point of view.

4.    The first Englishmen—JOHN NEWBERY and RALPH FITCH
—that ever icached India overland, md Aleppo" and the Persian
Gulf, m 1583-1589.    They met with LTNSCHOTEN there;  and
also T. Stevens, the Jesuit, see vol. i. p. 130.

English Life and Progress.

5.  J. CAIUS, M.D.    Of English Dogs.   1536.   Translated from
the Latin by A. FLEMING m 1576.

6.  Britain's Buss.    A Computation of the Cost and Profit of a
Herring Buss or Ship.    1615.

English Literature, Literary History, and

7.  T. ELLWOOD.     Relations   with  J.  MILTON.   This young
Quaker rendered many services to the Poet; amongst which was
the suggestion of Paradise Ret^ned.

8.  J. DRYDEN.    Of Dramatic Poesy.   An Essay.   This charm-
ing piece of English Prose was written m 1665 and published in
1668.    With it is given the entire Controversy between DRYDEN
and Sir R. HOWARD on this subject.

English Poetry.

9.  S. DANIEL,   DELIA.   [Sonnets ]   1594.

10  T. CAMPION, M.D.    S'ongs and Poems.    1601 1613.
ii. Lyrics, Elegies, etc., by other Poets.