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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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4               An English Garner.


Large Crown Svo, cloth, $s. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military History,
etc., etc.

1.  E. UNDERBILL, " the Hot Gospeller," Imprisonment in 1553,
with Anecdotes of Queen MARY'S Coronation Procession, WVATT'S
Rebellion, the Marriage of PHILIP and MARY, etc.

2.  J. Fox.    The Imprisonment of the Princess   ELIZABETH.

3.  Texts relating to the Winning of Calais and Guisnes by the
French in January, 1556.

4.  The Coronation Procession of Queen ELIZABETH.   January,

5  Sir THOMAS OVERBURY.   Observations of Holland, Flanders,
and France, in 1609.   A most sagacious Political Study,

6.  JAMES I.    The Book of Sports.    1618,

7.  Abp. G. ABBOTT.   Narrative of his Sequestration from Office
in 1627 by CHARLES I, at the instigation of BUCKINGHAM and

8.  Major-General Sir T. MORGAN.    Progress [i.e. MarcJi\ m
France and Flanders, with the 6,000 " Red Coats " at the taking of
Dunkirk, etc., in 1657-8.

English Voyages, Travels, Commerce, etc., etc.

9.  The first Batons who ever reached the city of Mexico: T.
BLAKE, a Scotchman, before 1536; and J. FIELD and R. TOMSON,


10.  The wonderful recovery of  the Exchange from forty-five
Turkish pirates of Algiers by J. RAWLINS and twenty-four other
slaves.   February, 1622.

English Life and Progress.

11.  T. GENTLEMAN.   England's Way to Win Wealth,   [Fish-
eries ]   The   Dutch   obtained more   wealth from their Herring
Fishery along ike English shores than the Spaniards did from their
American gold mines,

English Poetry.

12.  ? T. OCCLEVE.    The Letter of CUPID.    1402,

13.  L. SHEPPARD. JOHN BON and Mast[er] PARSON,   [A Satire
on the MassJ   1551.

14.  Rev. T. BRICE.    A Register of the Tormented and Cruelly
Burned within England.    1555-1558.    These verses give the names
of most of the Marian Martyrs.

15.  J. C. ALCILIA ;  PHILOPARTHEN'S loving folly'     [Love
PoemsJ   1595.

16.  G. WITHER.   Fair VIRTUE, the Mistress of PHIL'ARETE.
1622.   This is WITHER'S masterpiece.    Over 6,000 lines of verse
m many metrical forms.

17.  The Songs that JOHN DOWLAND, the famous Lutenist, set
to music.