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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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An English Garner.               5


Large Crown Svo, cloth, 5j. nett

English Political, Naval, and Military History,
etc,, etc.

1.  J. SAVILE, King JAMES'S entertainment at Theobalds, and
his Welcome to London.    1603.

2.  G. DUGDALE.   The Time Triumphant.   King JAMES'S Coro-
nation at Westminster, 25 July, 1603 ; and Coronation Procession
[delayed by the Plague], 15 March, 1604.

English Voyages,  Travels, Commerce,
etc., etc.

3.  The Voyages to Brazil of WILLIAM HAWKINS, Governor of
Plymouth and father of Sir JOHN, about 1530.

4.  Sir J. HAWKINS.    First Voyage to the West Indies, 1562-
1563.   This was the beginning of the English Slave Trade.

5.  R. BODENHAM.    A Trip to Mexico."   1564-1565.

6.  Sir J. HAWKINS.    Second Voyage to the West Indies.    1564-


7.  Sir J. HAWKINS.   Third and disastrous Voyage to the West
Indies, 1567-1569: with the base treachery of the Spaniards at San
Juan de Ulna, near Vera Cruz; and the extraordinary adventures
of Three of the Survivors, This was DRAKE'S 2nd Voyage to the West
Indies ; and the first in which he commanded a ship, the Judith.

8.  Sir F. DRAKE'S 3rd (1570), 4th (1571), and 5th (1572-73),
Voyages to the West Indies.    Especially the 5th, known as The
Voyage to Nombre de Dios: in which, on n February, 1573, he
first saw the Pacific Ocean; and then besought GOD to give him
life to sail once in an English ship on that sea.   [See opposite page.]

English Life and Progress.

9.  B.  FRANKLIN.     ' Poor Richard' improved.     Proverbs  of
Thrift and to discourage useless expense.    Philadelphia, 1757.

English Poetry.

Madrigals, Elegies and Odes. 1593. [A perfect Storehouse of
Versification, including the only treble Sestme in the language.]

n. ZEPHERIA.   [Canzons.]   1594.

12.  Sir J. DAVIES.    Orchestra or a Poem on Dancing.    1596.

13.    B. GRIFFIN.   FIDESSA, more chaste than kind.    [Sonnets.]

14.    Sir J. DAVIES.   Nosce tdpsum '   In two Elegies :  (i) Of
Human Knowledge, (2) Of the Soul of Man and the Immortality
thereof.    1599.

15.  Sir J. Davies.   Hymns of AsTR^EA [i.e. Queen ELIZABETH}
In acrostic verse.    1599.