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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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6               An English Garner,


Large Ciown %vo> clotfi, $s. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military
History, etc., etc.

1.  The Examination, at Saltwood Castle, Kent, of WILLIAM of
THORPE, by Abp. T. ARUNDELL, 7 August, 1407.   Edited by W.
TYNDALE. 1530.   This is the best account of Lollardism from the
inside, given by one who was the leader of the second generation of

English Voyages, Travels, Commerce,
etc., etc.

2.  J. CHILTON.   Travels in Mexico.   1568-1575.

3. J. BION.   An Account of the Torments, etc.    1708.

English Life and Progress.

4.  The most dangerous Adventure of R. FERRIS, A. HILL, and
W. THOMAS ; who went .111 a boat by sea from London to Bristol.

5.  Leather.   A Discourse to Parliament.    1629.

6.  H. PEACHAM.   The Worth of a Penny, or a Caution to keep
Money.   1641.    With all the variations of the later Editions.

7.  Sir W. PETTY.    Political Anthmetic.     [Written in 1677.]
1690.    One of the earliest and best books on the Science of Wealth.

English Literature, Literary History, and

8.  ISAAC BiCKERSTAFF, Esq.    [Dean J. Swift.]   Predictions for
the year 1708.   [One of these was the death of J. PARTRIDGE, the
Almanack Maker, on  29 March,  1708.]     Other tracts   of  this
laughable controversy follow.

9.  [T.   GAY.]    The Present State of Wit.   3  May,   1711.    [A
Survey of our Periodical Literature at this date,  including the
Review, Tatler, and Spectator.]

10.  [Dr. J. ARBUTHNOT.]   Law [i.e.  War] is a Bottomless Pit,
exemplified in the Case of the Lord STRUTT {the. Kings of Spain],
JOHN BULL [England] the Clothier, NICHOLAS FROG \Holland]
the Linendraper, and LEWIS BABOON [Louis XIV.  of Bourbonó
France}.    In four parts.    1712,

This famous Political Satire on the War of the Spanish Succes-
sion was designed to prepare the English public for the Peace of
Utrecht, signed on n April, 1713. In part I., on 28 February,
1712, first appeared in our Literature, the character of JOHN BULL,
for an Englishman.

11.  T. TICKELL.   The life of ADDISON.   1721.

12.  Sir R. STEELE.   Epistle to W. CONGREVE [in reply].    1722,

English Poetry.

13.  The first printed Robin Hood Ballad.    Printed about 1510.

14.    W. PERCY.   COELIA.   [Sonnets.]   1594.

15.    G. WITHER. FIDELIA.    [This is WITHER'S second master-