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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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An English Garner.               7

piece.    The Lament of a Woman thinking that she is forsaken in
love.]   1615.

16.    M. DRAYTON.   IDEA.   [Sonnets.]   1619.

17.    The Interpreter.    [A Political Satire interpreting the mean-
ing of the Protestant, The Puritan, The Papist.]   1622.


Large Crown 8w, doth^ $s. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military
History, etc., etc.

r. Sir F. VERE, General of the English troops in the, Dutch set1'
vice. Commentaries of his Services : at (i) the Storming of Cadiz
in 1596, (2) the Action at Turnhout in 1597, (3) The Battle of Nieu-

Eort in 1600 , but especially (4) the Siege of Ostend, of which place
e was Governor from u June, 1601, to 7 June, 1602.

2.  The retaking of The Friends* Adventure from the French by
R. LYDE and a boy.    1693.

English Voyages, Travels, Commerce,
etc., etc.

3.  H. PITMAN.    Relation, etc.    For doing noble Red Cross
work at the Battle of Sedgemoor this surgeon was sent as a White
Slave to Barbadoes, etc.    1689.

English Life and Progress.

4.  W.   KEMP'S  [SHAKESPEARE'S  fellow Actor] Nine Days'
Wonder ; performed in a Morris Dance from London to Norwich.
April, 1600.

5.   A series of Texts on the indignities offered to the Established
Clergy, and especially the Private Chaplains, m the Restoration Age,
by the Royahst laity; including

Dr. J. EACHARD'S witty 'Grounds of the Contempt of the
Clergy and Religion. * 1670.

English Literature, Literary History and

6.  Another Series of Tracts, in prose and verse, illustrating1 thr
great Public Services rendered by D. DEFOE, up to the death of
Queen Anne ; including :

D. DEFOE.    An Appeal to Honour and Justice, etc.    1715.

D. DEFOE.    The True Born Englishman.    1701.

D. DEFOE.    The History of Kentish Petition.    1701.

D, DEFOE.    LEGION'S Memorial.   1701.

D. DEFOE.    The Shortest Way with the Dissenters, etc.   1702.

D. DEFOE.    A Hymn to the Pillory.    1703.

D. DEFOE.    Prefaces to the Review.    1704-1710.

English Poetry.

7.  T. DELONEY.    Three Ballads on the Armada fight    August,

8.  R. L.   (i) DIELLA [Sonnets]; (2) The Love of DOM DIEGO
and GYNEURA,   1596.