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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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An English Garner.

9. AN. Sc. DAIPHHANTUS, or the Passions of Love,   1604,

See also above.

D. DEFOE.    The True Born Englishman.    1701.

D. DEFOE.   A Hymn to the Pillory.    1703.

VOL.   VUY-     Large Crown Svt, doth, $s. net.

English Political, Naval, and Military
History, etc., etc.

1.  JOHN LYDGATE    The Siege of
Harfleur and the Battle of   Agm-
court.    1415.   [Printed c. 11530 ]

2.  JOHN   Fox.     How the  Lord
Cromwell helped Archbishop Cran-
mer's Secretary.   July, 1539

3.  JOHN PROCTOR    The History
of Sir THOMAS WYAT'S Rebellion.
January to February, 1544. [Printed
January, 1555.]

4.  The True Report of the Burn-
ing of the Steeple and Church of
Paul's in London.   4 June, 1561.

m 5. R. W[ITC] Against the Wilful
inconstancy of his dear foe E. T.
? 1566.

6. Is.W. To her Unconstant
Lover. ? 1566.

7 W. G. A Love Letter to an
unconstant Maiden. ?is66.

Spoil of Antwerp. It is better known
as The Spanish Fury at Antwerp.
November, 1576.

9 GEORGE ELIOT. ' A very
true report of the apprehension of
that arch-priest EDMUND CAMPION
and three other Jesuit Priests. July,

10. [MARY. ] The Scottish Queen's
Burial at Peterborough, i August,
1587 [Pnnted 1589.]

11   THEOCRITUS.      Six   Idillia.
Translated by E. D. [? Sir EDWARD
DYER ]   1588

12   Rev.   RICHARD    HAKLUVT
The Destruction, Capture, etc., of
Portuguese   Carracks [Santa Cruz,
Madre de Dios, Las Cinque Llagas],
by English seamen     1592-1594.

13.  [GILES   FLETCHER,   LL.D.]
Licia,   or   Poems   of Love.     The
Rising to the Crown of RICHARD
III.   September, 1503.

Strange and Wonderful things that
happened to him in his Ten Years'
Travels in many Foreign Countries.
1582-1592.    [Printed 1595.]

15.  WILLIAM SMITH,   Chloris, or

the complaint of the passionate de-
spised Shepherd     1596.

16.  R[OBERT]   TfotTE].    Laura
[i.e.  Mistress   E.   CARIL].       The
Toys of a Traveller, o: the Feast of
Fancy.    1597.

17.  The Merchant's Daughter of
Bnstow [Bristol]    ? 1600.

18.  [? THOMAS DELONEY.]    The
Spanish Lady's Love    ?i6oo.

19.  Sir   ROBRRT   CAREY,   after-
wards Earl of Monmouth. Account
of the Death of Queen ELIZABETH ;
and of his ride to King JAMES, at
Edinburgh.        asth-ayth    March,
1603.    [Printed, 1759 ]

20.  T. M.   The true narration of
the  Enteitainment of  His Royal
Majesty (JAMES I.) from the time of
his departure from Edlnbugh, till
his receiving at  London.    April-
May, 1603

1606, and 1619.

22.  Love's Garland, or Posies for
Rings, etc.    1624.

23.  THOMAS, third Lord Fairfax
(" Black Tom ")    Short Memorials
of some things to be cleared during
my Command in the Army.     1645-

24.  A   Short   Memorial   of   the
Northern Actions, during the War
there.    1642-1645.

25.  Cupid's Posies for Bracelets,
Handkerchers, and Rings.    1674.

26.  GEORGE   VILLIERS,    second
Duke of Buckingham.   An Epitaph
on THOMAS,  third   Lord Fairfax.
? 1677.

27.  W. P.    Posies for Rings, or
Mottoes fit for Presents.    1677.

STONE.] Advice to a Young Re-
viewer , with a Specimen of the
Art (i e a Mock Criticism of Mil-
ton's L'Allegro), 1807.

29. W. HUNNEMAN. Old King
COLE, his life and death ?iS*:>-