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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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IO               English Reprints.


Areopagitica.    1644.

(a) AREOPAGITICA : A Speech of Mr. JOHN MILTON For the.
Liberty of Unlianc'd Printing, To the Parliament of England.

(£) A Decree of Starre-Chamber, concerning Printing, made the eleuenth
of July last past, 1637.

(c) An Order of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the
Regulating of Printing, &c. 1643.

LORD MACAULAY. He attacked the licensing system in that sublime
treatise which every statesman should wear as a sign upon his hand, and as
frontlets between his eyes.—Edinburgh Review,p. 344, August, 1825

H. HALLAM. Many passages in this famous tract are admirably elo-
quent • an intense love of liberty and truth flows through it; the majestic
soul of MILTON breathes such high thoughts as had not been uttered before.
—Introduction to the Literature of Europe, iii. 660. Ed. 1839.

W. H. PRESCOTT. The most splendid argument peihaps the world had
then witnessed on behalf of intellectual liberty.—History of FERDINAND

and ISABELLA, iii. 391.  Ed. 1845.


Ex'Bishop of Worcester.

The Ploughers.    1549.

A notable Sermon of ye retterende Father Master HUGHE
LATIMER, ivkiche he preached in ye Shrouds at paules churche
in London on the xviii daye of Januarye.

SIR R. MORISON. Did there ever any one (I say not in England only,
but among other nations) flourish since the time of the Apostles, who

Ecached the gospel more sincerely, purely, and honestly, than HUGH
&.TIMER, Bishop of Worcester"1.—Apomaxis Calumniaruut   .    .   quibus
JOANNES COCLEUS S*c.t f. 78.   Ed. 1537.

It was in this Sermon, that LATIMER (himself an ex-Bishop) astonished
his generation by saying that the Devil was the most diligent Prelate and
Preacher in all England. " Ye shal neuer fynde him idle I warraunte


Stud. Oxon.

The School of Abuse.   1579.

(a] The Schools of Abuse. Cont&ining a pleasaunt inuective
against Poetsf Pipers, Platers, Jesters, and such like Caterpillers
of a Commonwealth; Setting up the Flagge of Defiance to their
mischieuous exercise and ouerthrowing their Bulwarkes, by Pro-
phane Writers, Naturall reason and common experience. 1579.

(£) An Apologie of the Schoole of Abuse, against Poets, Pipers,
Players, and their Excusers. [Dec."] 1579.

V This attack is thought to have occasioned SIR PHILIP SIDNEY'S writ-
ing of the following Afologiefor Pocsic.

GOSSON was, in succession, Poet, Actor, Dramatist, Satirist, and a
Puritan Clergyman,