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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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12               English Reprints.


Toxophilus,    1544.

ToxophihtS) ike Schole of Shootinge, conteynedin two bookes.

To all Gentlemen andyojnen of Englande, pleasaunte for theyr
pastime to rede, and profitable for theyr use to follow both in war

In a dialogue between TOXOPHILUS and PHILOLOGUS, ASCHAM not
only gives us one of the very best book-; on Archery in our language . but
as he tells King Henry VIII., in his Dedication, "this htle treatise was

Strposed, begon,  and ended of me, onelie for  this intent, that Labour,
onest pastime, and Vertu might recouer againe that place and right, that
Idlenesse, Unthnftie Gaming, and Vice hath put them fro."


Criticism on Paradise Lost.    1711-1712,

From the Spectator, being its Saturday Issues between 31 December, 1711,
and 3 May, 1712. In these papers, which constitute a Pumer to Paradise
Lost, ADDISON first made known, and interpreted to the general English
public, the great Epic poem, which had then been published nearly half a

After a general discussion of the Fable, the Characters, the Sentiments^
the Language, and the Defects of MILTON'S Great Poem ; the Critic devotes
a Paper to the consideration of the Beauties of each of its Twelve Books,

9.   JOHN  LYLY,

Novelist) Wit, Poet, and Dramatist.

Euphues.    1579-1580.

EUPHVES, the Anatomy of Wit. Very pleasant for all
Gentlemen to read?3 and most necessary to remember.

Wherein are conteined the delights that Wit follow eth in his
youth) by the pleasantnesse of loue, and the happinesse he reapeth
in age by the perfectnesse of Wisedotne. 1579.

EUPHUES and his England. Containing his voyage and
aduentiiresi vnyxed with sundry pretie discourses of honest Loue,
the description of the countrey, the Coin t, and the manners of
thai Isle. 1580.

Of gieat Importance in our Literary Histary.