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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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16               English Reprints.

19.    JAMES I.

A Counterblast to Tobacco.    1604.
(a)  The Essays of a Prentise, in the Diuine Art of Poesie.

Printed while JAMES VI. of Scotland, at Edinburgh in 1585 , and includes
Ane Short treatise^ contenting some Reuhs and Ca-utehs to be obstrwt and
escheiuit in Scottis Poesie, which is another very early piece of printed
Poetical Criticism,

(b} A Counterblaste to Tobacco.    1604.

To this text has been added a full account of the Introduction and Early
use of Tobacco in England The herb first came into use in Euiope as a
.medicinal leaf foi poultices: smoking it was afterwards learnt from the
American Indians.

Our Royal Author thus sums up his opinion :

"A custome lothsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmefull to the
braine, dangeious to the lungs, and in the blacke stinking fume thereof,
nearest resembling the horrible Stigian smoke of the pit that is bottomless."


Master of the Court of Wards.

Fragmenta Regalia.    1653.

Fragmenta Regalia: or Observations on the late Queen
ELIZABETH, her Times and Favourites. [1630.]

Naunton writes:

"And thus I have delivered up this my poor Essay; a little Draught of
this great Princess, and her Times, with the Servants of her State and


Londoner, $tudent~at-Laiv.

Poems,    1582-1593.

(a)  The 'E/caro/iTrafoa or Passionate Centurie of Loue.

Divided znto two parts: whereof, the first expressed the
Author's sufferance in Lone: the latter; his long fai~w ell to Loue
and all his tyrannie. 1582.

(b} MELIBCEUS, Sive Edoga in olitum Honoratissimi Viri

(c]   The same translated into English, by the Author.    1590.'

(d)   The Tears of Fanae, or Loue disdained.    1593.

From the unique copy, wanting Sonnets 9-16, in the possession of &
CHRISTIE MILLER, Esq., of Bntwell.